22 March 2012

On Being Wrong: I

I've been wrong before

and I know I'll be wrong again.

But when I said I didn't want anymore snow...

I was most definitely WRONG!

Because when I saw the lovely, fluffy white, bright snow this morning...

I knew it was what I really deep down wanted and had hoped for:)

And when I stood on our deck,

taking photos in sox and pajamas only;

then later when I threw on a pair of boots

and a light jacket and happily made my way through the snow;

and finally when I listened to the serenade of a solitary bird in a tall tree,

I thanked God that He,

once again,

knew I was wrong

and made it right.

For deep, deep down I had hidden a wish that our garden would turn into a winter

(spring) wonderland, at least once more,

just like the wonderland I had experienced at Mt Hood not so long ago.

And then I came indoors where I drank two mugs of wonderfully hot sweet orange tea
and enjoyed the snow blessing from the warmth of our home.

And now, since I've been up all night, it's time for a long nap.


Thank you God for your blessings!




As you can see we have a few things blooming (or just about to bloom).

They are: the plum trees, daffodils, pieries, the magnolia, the forsythia.

Just heard today on the news that the latest spring snow we've had is in early April...

do you think?? :)

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