23 March 2012

After the Spring Snow

Small patches of snow still cover the land here and there

but a beautiful blue sky is overhead and the temperature is rising.

Did several walks in the garden today--so much is blooming!

Seems like daily there are noticeable changes;

this season is SO exciting!

The colors are such a welcome change after the gray of winter.

The lighting in the early morning and late evening a delight!

With all the signs of spring that are filling the garden now,

I am thinking that BBQ season isn't far off now

(last year our first one was in mid April).

Now that thought makes me hungry...

hungry for my youngest son's awesome barbecued salmon and asparagus.

But back to the garden...

one of my favorite daffodils is blooming now.

I love the nice sunny color and fancy petals!

Do you?

Next to it is one of our early blooming blueberries.

YUM, blueberries...garden walks can cause one to get quite hungry you know.

The daphne has started to bloom now (not shown in bloom here)

I had been checking it frequently and not seen an open flower yet.

I walked near it today--

the fragrance left no doubt that buds had opened and soon I found several.

And while sitting on the deck,

admiring the beauty and fragrance of the daphne,

I saw that the rosemary is starting to bloom now too.

Rosemary and lamb,

rosemary, garlic and chicken...

you know where this is going, don't you?

Nope--you're wrong.

I like to leave most of that to my cooking blogging buddies:)

Although on occasion I do go there with a recipe or two.

Did you hear we might have at least some sun here in the PNW for 2 days?

I know...I'm smiling about that too.



A sad note here for garden loving me...

our Oregon Spring viburnum did not survive the spring snow unscathed.

Yesterday afternoon it had major surgery and isn't its old self anymore:(

We consider ourselves lucky though-

at my sibling's home they lost a fully mature Japanese maple

(now that hurts).

Luckily for them it didn't hit their home.


primroses, pieris, bleeding heart (a type of), daffodil, daphne, rosemary, plum

(shiro, satsuma blood and our wild plum all now have blossoms).


by Teresa said...

Hi Aimee! You must be in a much warmer pocket of the PNW than we are, your flowers are way ahead of ours. Love your photos! Hubby is fine, but he fell on his back and hit his head on the companionway stairs.. poor guy. Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Hi, Teresa!
Glad to hear your husband is OK but it sounds painful.
Re: the flowers...I think we have a bit of a micro-climate in our yard; very nice at this time of year.
Finally visited the 'viewpoint' today--beautiful! TY for sharing it on your blog; I knew exactly what to look for because of you:)
PS: Thanks for the compliment on the photos!Appreciate it!

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