11 May 2011

Of Cats

This week, I spent some time at my sibling's house taking care of my father who is miraculously recovering from what looked like certain death (that--of course--is a whole other post or two!). Now my DH and I don't have any kitties, but I have a bit of a soft spot for them having grown up with many cats, so of course I had to capture these kitties in photos so I could 'take' them home with me:)

Meow #1: loves to 'own' any visitors and loves to look outside ANY window!

Meow #1 is diabetic and my sib takes spectacular care of him! He loves to sit on my dad's lap and be petted; he is very, very spoiled:)

Meow #2: this is a Bengal kitty (hope I spelled that right). I LOVE the pattern and color on him--in person it looks even more beautiful! This is probably my fav of sib's cats, but shhhh don't let meow # 1 or #3 know that because I don't want any ruffled fur when I visit there! He is also pictured in the first photo--from what my sib says, it is unusual that they were getting along in it!! Maybe they were mesmorized by my camera's light:) He, just like Meow #1 is very spoiled too!!

Meow #3--now I hope I get this right because I keep thinking this one is a Sphinx cat--but my sib says she is a Cornish Rex kitty. I caught her when she was snuggling up in the BIG down comforter--she also tried to snuggle up on my bed when I stayed the night...and, of course, she is very spoiled too:)

Well there you go---my sib's cats on the Internet just for YOU and me!!!!

Blessings to all you cat and/or dog lovers out there, Aimee

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