11 May 2011

May Garden

May is a very special month for me and recently I found yet one more reason for it to be special...however that story will have to wait for another time or place:)

Anyway, one of the reasons I love May so very much is it isn't too warm yet and the gardens are just bursting forth with color--lots of color!

Today, I actually got to spend some time outdoors and it felt like one of my wonderful, peaceful trips with bird songs everywhere, the sun's warmth on my skin and the fresh air! I and a friend mowed the "lawn" and worked on more plans for the gardens this year (extending the garden path and beds, adding more rock to the upper pond area, etc.)

And before she arrived, I planted my new swiss chard and scented geranium (pictured in Seashore Souvenirs post below). I am SO excited--my first planting of this year--yippee!!

Still so much more to do...but it was a start and I am eager to see what we can get done!

And then tonight, as I was browsing the web, I researched greenhouses....ah! The joys of the Internet combined with the joys of gardening:)

What is blooming in your garden?

Blessings, Aimee


1. Prariefire crabapple (love this tree!)

2. Japanese irises--pre bloom (in the background are bluebells)

3. Cherry blossoms by the lower pond (I bought this tree and many of my plants from my 'second daddy' and they are VERY special to me because of that! He is with Jesus now, but everytime I see the plants he raised I think of him with fondness--I miss his wonderful sense of humor!)

4. Miniature rhodo I believe--(hum, just bought this last year and I can't remember the name. Do you see the little Japanese maple next to it? This year we have a bumper crop of freebies---from little pine trees everywhere to maples! Our garden is the garden that keeps on giving! Or maybe I should say that our God is the God who keeps on giving!)

5. One of our 4 red rhododendrons (Can you tell I LOVE red? This is a Jean Marie de Montague, actually I think it might be called the Honorable Jean Marie de Montague:) Try as I might I cannot capture the red of this shrub when the light hits it just right--it is the most perfect red and I love it!)

6. Evergreen azalea--Hino Crimson (there are three of them here, near the upper pond and one of them is just about covered with blooms! Again, I have not quite captured its beauty when the light is just perfect.)

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