11 May 2011

The Gown + the Memories

From my other blog, Flowers for my Mother.

Before I got married, before I had chosen a wedding gown,
my mother gave me the option of using hers.
I remember trying it on one day with mom close by--
a gown from the 50's yellowed a little by the years that had gone by but still quite lovely
with an itty bitty waist:)

While it was not the style I had envisioned for my special day, it was a privilege to get to dress up--if just for awhile--in the gown mom had chosen for her special day many years ago! It was a connection that only a mother and daughter could share.

The other day, when I was staying at my sibs to help with dad, I retrieved it from dad's closet and took some photos of it. Now, despite the fact that I should have ironed it first and put it on a padded hanger, I could almost envision mom on her special day ready to put on the dress she would wear down that church aisle to join her life to her beloveds.
It was a good memory:)

Blessings to all you moms and daughters out there,


Sallyo said...

How fun that you were able to share your wedding dress with your mom; it still looks beautiful! And glad to hear your dad is doing all right.
I hope he continues to heal.

aimee said...

It was great to be able to wear mom's gown for awhile, even though I ended up choosing a different one for my wedding. TY so much--I agree, it is pretty:)
TY SO much for your good wishes for my dad-it is such a blessing that he is doing better!

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