09 June 2010

Changes in the Kitchen: New Foods

Having grown up eating International and gourmet foods, plus regular American style food, you would think that because of my advanced years (LOL) I would have tried at least a bite of every food available...but you'd be wrong. We just have so much availability to foods our grandparents never dreamed of trying.


Here are a few of the new foods I've tried in the last few years
Baby kiwi---run don't walk if you ever get a chance to buy these babies. If you want to see how they look when they are still on the kiwi vine see here for my tour of a real PNW kiwi farm. We only grow the fuzzy kind in our garden so this trip was lots of fun!)

Gold kiwi (like these even better then regular fuzzy kiwi and I really like them!)

Gooseberries (worth trying; normally cooked with sugar into a dessert. I like them raw and without sugar but I like tart things)
Quinoa (had heard about this before but hadn't tried it till Patty--morningramble-posted a dish she made with quinoa which made me really curious about it. Soon thereafter I got a chance to try a kale and quinoa salad--spicy and yummy--I'm now in love with it and wanting to try it at home)

Sungold tomatoes (candy for the mouth and stomach. You can eat lots of these and not feel guilty about it)

Gold raspberries (even better then red raspberries and I really, really like them. In the photo above they are not ripe yet. This is the variety Anne)

Couscous (yummy. could eat this once a week)

Greek pita (the ones I buy are whole wheat, thicker and chewier then regular pitas)

Greek yogurt (think I may have tried this on a souvlaki 'gyros' pita before, but had never eaten JUST the yogurt till awhile back. Now I am SO in love with it! Has more calcium, more protein and fewer calories then the yogurt I used to get--which I still love BTW) UPDATE 6/10 eve: found out that the calcium, calories are variable depending on which Greek yogurt you're eating; the one I had today was almost exactly the same as the regular, fruit yogurt I eat).

Shaved parmesan cheese (as a child we used the dried grated kind; quite a long time ago I switched to shredded parmesan, but I like this even better)

Chicken and vegetable consomme (the ones I get are from Israel and are SO much better then the dried bouillon cubes I bought for years)


Soon to try:
Kasha (just because I am curious after trying the quinoa)

Lemongrass (having loved Thai food forever I want to try using this at home)

Edible flowers (just because they're pretty and I like pretty)

Ginger (I love marinated ginger and using ginger in recipes, but have never tried the fresh ginger I see at stores)

Chervil (never got a chance to try this last year; it survived the winter so will try it this year)


So what new foods or recipes would you like to try this year?

I am always open to trying new foods--well most of them; I'm not quite as brave as my oldest son. I don't dare tell you what he's tried; it's too ...yucky!

Blessings, Aimee


Anonymous said...

Mom uses ginger quite often, if you need a recipe or two I can ask her. Also my bf eats flowers... if you need some tips.

aimee said...

Hi, Anonymous!
I would be very appreciative if your mom wouldn't mind sharing a recipe that uses ginger with us! And also if your boyfriend would be OK with sharing some tips about edible flowers that would be great!! I am very eager to try both!
TY so much for visiting and for taking time to leave a comment:)

Anonymous said...

Well it was best friend as you know my husband dear MIL. I sure hope that I don't have a boy friend... might cause a stir.

aimee said...

Now that you are only anonymous to the world...I know who to contact for those tips and ginger recipes!! AND given your mom's excellent cooking reputation (plus your own)I know the recipes will be awesome:)
Will be in touch very, very soon as I am planning to get ginger by this weekend!
Blessings Dear "Anonymous",

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