08 June 2010

Trip to the Past: the Fort Gardens+

Done with your rest in the land of heirloom roses yet?
OK, I know it's hard to leave but we need to get moving if I am to keep my promise to Farmer Boy, so let's hop in the car and drive to our next destination--the fort part of Ft Vancouver.
Actually, it's a recreation of the Hudson Bay Company fort, but it's still pretty neat and I am sure every little boy would love to have one of these in their backyard!
(BTW-speaking of boys, I just found out that my dad when he was in Jr. high or so built his very own tree fort! You know kids just sometimes have this preconceived notion of what their parents were like before they were parents; now that I am getting older I find it is often wrong!)
Ok, we're here at the fort area now. It's located south of the Officer's Row and Barracks area and easily reached by a short drive or not too long walk (it's closer to the Columbia River). There is also an air museum, but we won't have time to stop there today--maybe next time! In fact, if I am ever lucky enough to come back here, we can tour both the fort and the air museum.

Ah! The garden---total surprise to me and my best friend;

we loved, loved, LOVED it!

It is of good size and filled with ...

currants, grapes and other fruit. The PNW is a great place to grow fruit and known for its orchards, strawberries, caneberries -- and other yummies!

flowers of many kinds

and non flowering plants too
paths to follow (I loved the paths that separated the different beds; the only thing I'd do different is to use brick or something more natural--that is for my place)

arbors of various kinds and a sundial.
OK, I admit I am now wanting a sundial--
so cool and better then digging my cell phone out every time I want to know the time outdoors!

areas to sit awhile and reflect--or just rest and chat with a friend

herbs---hum, I like this idea

A beautiful place to just be.

Speaking of being---how are you all today?
Oh Oh! I left out a photo of the veggies and neat pole tipees (or teepees or tepees) for pole beans and probably other things. Well maybe that will be another post -- soon.

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