15 May 2010

What am I?

Actually, technically and of course grammatically, the question should be 'what are we?' but I'll let all that slide tonight and give you the following hints:
  • Aimee thinks we look sort of like cute, little, kind of funny-looking whisk brooms
  • Aimee had never seen us - like this - till this year, but she has always -- well at least for a long time -- loved us.
  • You don't eat us, but can sometimes buy us at a store.
  • If you want to see us at our best you must do something to us first and then wait about 2 weeks.
  • Aimee likes one variety of us the best, but we are available in more then one variety.
Now for those who have no clue and curiosity is just 'killing' them, please feel free to see this link :)


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