11 May 2010


We have lots of babies right now.
Not the cute, cuddly ones all grandmas and grandpas adore--nope, not that kind.
And not the cute, little chicks, ducklings, horses, goats, puppies, lambs and birds that catch my eye whenever I am blessed to see any of them...
Nope, none of these--
No--the babies I am talking about are still special though because they are all miracles of life--and this time of year is also very special because of them!
Come to think of it--even though these babies aren't cuddly, they are definitely still cute--because all babies are, even garden babies :)
So here in their 2010 debut--some of our babies...
Baby Anne raspberry
Baby Desert King figs
Baby Glacier tomato

And last, but not least, a baby strawberry--photo taken in late April.
Ah! You gotta love these garden babies-I know I do:)
Any babies around your place?

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