15 May 2010

The Other Day

Recently my sibling and I made a trip to my parent's home where I discovered some 'priceless' treasures--well priceless in my eyes, and the eyes of our family. One find really surprised me at first though, and then didn't as I got to thinking of my great-grandfather and what one of his children had written about him--- "and it was while riding horseback in the pursuance of his church duties that he mastered the Hebrew and Greek languages..."; he would later go on to be a professor at a Christian college for many years.
This is what I found that day, and even though we're not 100% sure it was great-grandpa's (because his name doesn't appear to be in it); he would be the most logical choice for having been the one who owned it originally.

I like the section where there are proverb-like sayings, and I am very excited because my father said that the book can come home with me for awhile :)

I am excited about that!

The book is almost 134 years old (Tamuz 5636 would equate to June/July 1876 from what we could determine on the Internet).

Hum, wonder what other old books are hiding in the corners of my parents' home...?

Blessings, Aimee


sallyo said...

How exciting to find such a treasure! Enjoy it!

aimee said...

TY -- I am planning to:)

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