28 May 2010

I Need, I Need

I need blue skies and sunshine

I crave them like I crave:
dark chocolate with orange or other fruit filling
gjetost cheese with kavli
smoked salmon

Danish havarti
and sorbet!
-white snow in winter
yellow narcissus blooms in spring
scarlet maple and gold aspen leaves in autumn

cool, green forests and the blue, blue ocean in summer
and mountains (any kind, anywhere, any season)
I NEED blue skies and sunshine.
But when you are a pale, sunstarved lass of the PNW
OK, OK a water-laden, middle-aged grandmother of 5 who has been hanging on every possibly sunny weather forecast for what seems to be forever now...
when you can't just excape to a Rocky Mt paradise
or an eastern PNW one this summer either.
-- -
Well, you learn to be content with traveling eastward through the magic of photos--
lots and lots of photos
of sunnier places
and really blue skies
in, near and on the mountains.

Ah--the lovely Cabbage Hill (AKA Emigrant Hill) of NE Oregon!
Can you imagine what the Oregon Trail pioneers must have thought when they first saw it? (BTW--the haze in the sky is not normal;
it was a result of wildfires in California that year...)

This lovely road has a well deserved reputation for it's steep grqdes and the views all the way UP are awesome; the views all the way DOWN too:)
But the trip up to the top (well the pass and beyond) is all worth it,
because then you are in the Blue Mts of the PNW and they are incredible!
(a photo of the Blue Mts above, just below post title)

And this is northeastern Utah--headed towards Wyoming really, really early in the morning
(I have no problem getting up early on vacations...usually)
 I really love the area near Morgan!

More NE Utah...I love, love, love the canyons of Utah
and I LOVE, love, love when the evening sun makes the Wasatch Mts glow!

And then Colorado
LOVE this state!
Been there by plane, train, car and never get tired of it!
These photos are in the Colorado Springs area--

but you really must go to the Rocky Mt National Park,
the Boulder area (Mork & Mindy's 'home', Celestial Seasoning Tea Factory, the Flatirons and Chautauqua Park, Leanin' Tree museum and more)
But back to the beautiful Colorado Springs area and
the Garden of the Gods shortly after sunrise
(they DO know how to do a spectacular sunrise in the Rocky Mts)!
Also beautiful, and very close by is Manitou Springs and the Navigator's Glenn Eyrie castle and grounds! Really beautiful just before a thunderstorm as we found out
(not that I suggest being anywhere outside during or just before ANY thunderstorm,
especially a Rocky Mt thunderstorm).

South of the Colorado Springs area.

Love the red rock that you see in parts of the Rocky Mts--it glows in the morning sun:)

Blue skies, wind vanes, snow capped mountain view.
SW Wyoming, of course, with a view of the Uinta Mt range in NE Utah.

BTW--did you know the small ponds of southern Wyoming have the most intense bluish-purple color and that the Red Desert is green in spring? Well at least for awhile. And that the winds sometimes blow SO hard that they have to shut the parts of the freeway down?
(you should see what it does to long hair; I have a picture of it)
So when I feel like I cannot live one day more with gray skies and spring rain--I travel to other destinations via cyberspace and...I browse my photo albums and eagerly await the return of gardening season:)
What or where do you dream of when the weather gets you down?

Blessings, Aimee
If you'd like to see more photos of Colorado and Utah check out the label for Rocky Mts (some of Nevada and Idaho there too). For more NE Oregon check out east of the Cascade Mts.
OK, back to dreaming of sunnier skies for me:)

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