24 May 2010

An Act of Mercy

I saved a slithery one the other day...

you know the kind I have had many bad experiences with-
under rocks I innocently pick up.
The type who like to hide out in the shadows so I don't see them, until to my dread and probably theirs, I step on them--in soft soled shoes.
The kind who like to slither around in the deep grass
and then wiggle just so I will jump backwards
and scream.
The ones I used to have nightmares about as a child--
dreams which involved snakes in the garage and terror.
Yea those slithery creatures.
But on with the story...
This unheard of act of compassion took place in our yard
on a day when the grass wasn't too wet
and it wasn't raining, having a thunderstorm or hailing
(so it must have been several weeks ago
when we were having spring--for a day or two).
I had mowed most of the yard and
had emptied out the grass on the compost pile,
where God had answered prayers for mercy and one didn't crawl out,
when I was most vulnerable.
Then, as I was nearing the BIG snake zone--
I saw a wierd 'line' in the grass,
and I knew what it was.
I had a choice.
I could have easily run him over;
logic would dictate one less snake, one less fright.
But I couldn't do it.
Mercy was BIG here that day.
Bleeding heart 'Alba'

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