08 April 2010

A Walk in His Garden: Early April

I have been busy this week cleaning and organizing the home; still so much to do but I feel satisfaction in what has been done and gratitude to God for the grace to be able to do it. Outside we have been having some winter like weather--no snow (as much as I LOVE snow, I really don't want any at this point---maybe:)) but rain, wind and colder temps. Still I have tried to spend some time outside daily as the blossoms are just SO beautiful no matter the weather! Besides it is good to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the birds, frogs and other treasures found there.
So why don't you join me?
By the upper pond--oops I should have warned you of our crazy frog. He likes to jump into the pond when I walk nearby and must love it when HIS jump makes me JUMP because it startles me! I probably will fall in the pond one day from fright; but at least he's not a snake.
Yesterday, during my walk I found these beautiful blue blooms hidden amidst the green foliage of lilies and irises awaiting their time. I know the picture is blurry--remember that S word I mentioned in the prior paragraph? Well they LOVE this area so I tread lightly (and quickly) here. Someday our deck will extend out this way and I will feel comfortable to sit awhile....(yea I know about where you can find snakes, but I am in pleasant denial right now).
A little further away from the frogs and snake place is the berm--home to huckleberries, pieris, a pine tree and more! Here is a Pieris still in bloom and one of the Encore azaleas (a three season blooming azalea). Have I told you just HOW much I LOVE red? Well I do!
I also love pink and I love, love, love these apple blossoms.
These are from our Liberty apple.
And because I love, love, love them SO much, here is another photo of the blossoms.
And last, but not least, are the blossoms of the Prairifire crabapple.Yep, I know we're back in the pond area, but I can't help it. I waited so many months to see these gorgeous blooms again and I am going to spend as much time gazing at them as possible--even if there are critters of the slithery and slippery kind there:)

Hum, I am being sorely tempted to cut some of these flowering branches to bring inside my nice, warm and safe-from-most-critters home.

Blessings, Aimee

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