10 April 2010

Of Herbs, Berries & Veggie Plans

Did I wish for snow awhile back?
Hum, I guess I need to be more careful about making such wishes.
Oh well it didn't stick and since I had to be told about it after the fact
(because I slept through it),
I am -- almost sure -- no one else, except my beloved Farmer Boy, noticed those few moments of it either.

-Despite the very confused weather recently, the berries--blue, lingon, evergreen huckle--all seem to be doing very well. In fact, they are doing SO well that my son (and his roommates) will be ecstatic that there will be a bountiful harvest this year. And -- to tell the truth -- I am already dreaming of the day they will ripen and I will fill HUGE bowls full of them.
Here's one variety of blueberries. YUM.
The branches are SO loaded with blossoms this year!
And here, I believe, is another type--most likely one of the two Earliblues...I am beginning to think we just may have to get another blueberry plant this year.
I am sure I can find room for it--somewhere. I always do.
That's because I love and practice edible landscaping--the planting of edibles with ornamentals.
Growing well, but no berries yet -- of course -- are the three types of strawberries, two gooseberries, the salal--and the Anne raspberry which I planted last year in a wine barrel half as an experiment.
Also doing well are the herbs-most of which survived the strange winter we had. Currently blooming is a rosemary and the thyme is semi-blooming. Soon to bloom are the chives -- I love the way they look currently though; I don't recall seeing this pre-bloom stage last year.
The mints, of course, are ALWAYS well. And contained in a big planter...except that is for the spearmint in one of our transitional, edible landscaping beds.
Other herbs are lavender (culinary and non-culinary), sage, oregano, salad burnet. I will still have to buy basil (what would summer be without basil?), cilantro (ditto the previous question) and some lemon verbena ... and maybe????
And then there is the question of what to grow for veggies this year.
Tomatoes are a given.
There is JUST NO WAY I can live without fresh homegrown tomatoes.
Yellow, sweet tomatoes like last year.
YUM, Sungold tomatoes.
Heaven on earth!
And maybe some Swiss chard and lettuce.
They were really beautiful and good too!
Last year we grew Bright Lights and Redfire.
I want to grow them again.

I LOVE gardening!
So many easy and delightful decisions to make.
But most of all I like eating fresh,
no spray, no chemical fertilizer veggies and fruit
from my garden.

I am SO ready for shopping at our garden nurseries!


Blessings, Aimee

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