20 November 2009

Party Like A Baby!

So I'm sure you are asking yourself how does one party like a baby? Well allow me--one proud grandma of one beautiful baby granddaughter to tell you how it is properly done.

First you must begin with the party girl. She must be one year old and dressed appropriately for said party--in this case coifed in a cute little hairstyle and suitably dressed in an adorable yellow and blue sundress with ribbons down the back.

Of course, there must also be party guests prepared to celebrate such a grand occasion with said one year old birthday girl--parents, big sibling, grandparents, great-grandparents and other friends and family.

Party decorations are likewise vitally important to every first year party's success and must be carefully chosen --BIG balloons are an absolute party MUST!! Also key to the party's success is their placement; BTW Grandma thought the balloons were totally awesome!!
Let the party begin!!!
Family and friends arrive, food and beverages are served, partiers enjoying themselves, baby girl taking it all in….good thus far.
And then it is time for the rite of passage; the symbol of a new year arriving for said baby girl--it's time for the birthday cake of course!! And in baby girl’s case it was delectable birthday cupcakes.
The birthday candle, the birthday melody, birthday candle extinguished--good thus far!
The traditional birthday cake mess all over the face and body? WHAT? Nope, not much of one at all--one wipe with a towelette is all that is needed! AMAZING!
Grandma is SO impressed with baby girl's dainty manners (after all your uncle needed a bath after his one year birthday cake!)! Impressive! What a good mom you must have little one! (BTW baby girl cupcakes were made by talented mom of baby girl, and her very talented mom! And have I said yet that they were really, really yummy?) Especially the chocolate ones with the white frosting! --
But what is this?
This large cup full of brownish, sugary liquid..so close.
the balloons with those tempting long strings
one quick moving baby….
the hands, the grip, the pull down, the bump….
the fast moving liquid swiftly moving towards the food,
the mom,
the grandma...
The intensive clean up!
(But none on the party girl!!! Yea! The party continues with the opening of the gifts (see below for photos).
So how do you party like a baby? You do it as all other babies have done--in your own unique and special way
(AND BTW Baby Girl that is just one of the reasons we love you totally…
because you are so uniquely you and we wouldn't have it any other way!)
And now a few other birthday photos...
Stretchhhhhhhing is such a good exercise and SO important with the many toy temptations close at hand.
Party gifts included some beautiful clothing, a big red colander (kind of like grandma's big red bowl), some cute little toys and stuffed animals, and these wonderful noise making maracas!! Baby Girl really liked them--maybe she will be a percussionist someday? Maybe, not.
A milk break for one thirsty little party girl -- after all partying can make baby girls SO very thirsty when one is not used to it!

A first chapter comes to an end and a second one begins! Congrats little one and GREAT JOB on passing this important rite of passage!!

But most of all --
blessings always and lots of love too!
Grandma Aimee

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