18 November 2009

Mid Autumn Scenes

Early autumn, with its blue skies and moderate temperatures is over in the PNW and the season of wintry storms has begun bringing high winds, colder weather, rain (with flooding in places) and some beautiful white snow to the higher mountains of the NW.
Here, in the garden, trees and shrubs continue to shed their beautiful leaves resulting in many colorful carpets of red, yellow and orange.
Lingonberries appear to be ready for harvesting; the kiwi also, and in the back garden the grapes were pronounced 'great' by my best friend who came over to help me get the garden ready for the storms sure to come this season.
A few plants continue to bloom--one of the two bleeding hearts, an Encore azalea, the viburnum, a cosmos or two, the camellia sasanqua (an autumn/winter bloomer) and some lavender. The garden is beginning to settle down for its late autumn/winter rest and Aimee is hoping for snow:)
Gunnera and leaves.
Water lily (hardy variety), water hyacinths (not hardy) and fallen leaves of the Japanese maples near the upper pond's edge.-
A carpet of dogwood leaves lie strewn across the ground and path.
Close up of water hyacinth and fallen leaves. -
Fallen maple leaves lay across the mossy surface of a Japanese lantern top. -
Another view of the water lily. -
And a photo of fallen leaves blown against the lawn's edge before it was mowed.

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