21 November 2009

Grandma K's Gift

Of all my grandparents, I was closest to my Grandma K--possibly because we were able to spend much more time with her then with my other grandma who lived quite a distance from us. Anyway, I still really miss her and sometimes (please don't laugh) I even ask God to send her a message from me. Of course I am not sure that is theologically sound doctrine but I know that God understands all about our love for family members-both those we still have with us and those that have died.

Well recently I got a gift from her (please don't freak out on me now) which as you can imagine is very, very difficult seeing that she died years ago. Actually to clarify the gift from Grandma K arrived many years ago but I had not realized it as being from her in all this time.
You see I have some things of my Grandma K's--an old tabletop Christmas tree that lights up, a hand held washboard and a few other things--none of them of immense value from an earthly standpoint, but all of them priceless to me because they were hers--because she used them; because she chose them to put them in her homes. ---
Awhile back, I called my parents to get some more information on these family items I had been given because I wanted to do a blog post on them since I had been thinking about my Grandma K. There were the items I have mentioned plus an old Singer sewing machine table which hadn't come from her but which I wanted more information about too ( I thought this was from my great aunt who had also passed away quite awhile ago).
And that's when the gift from Grandma K arrived; for as my mother and I were talking she told me--much to my surprise--that my great aunt's sewing machine had gone to my sibling and the sewing machine and table I had was from my Grandma K! And then she told me more:)

And that is how I received a gift from Grandma K recently.
What gifts have you received from your ancestors and relatives that you treasure? I also have some old furniture -- two dressers and more, some crocheted tabletop covers, and more; on the furniture, I am thinking of possibly using the dresser as a bathroom sink vanity (it would have to be modified for this use) What do you think? Would you do that or keep it as a dresser?
Photos & notes:
My apologies for some of the bad photo quality here-the lighting in our bedroom is really bad. Sorry!
1) Grandma K before "the stork arrived". I love this photo!
2+3) A Dubl Handi. This one was from either the late 1930's or early 1940's and they are still being made today. Now I think that is very, very cool! If I remember correctly, my mom said Grandma K used this when they were living in a cabin high in the Rockies.
3+4) An old electric tabletop Christmas tree. This was bought when Grandma was living in the Rockies. I am hoping very much to use it this year in one of our rooms--depends on how far we get with the BIG project (sorry but I did not light it up for the picture as I need to get a replacement bulb for the base) The color of the tree itself is not white but kind of a champagne white, like the color wedding dresses take on after many years. Also I think it is supposed to have a garland of beads on it but I was in a hurry to get the photos for this post so didn't bother adding them. I believe this would date from the very early 1940's.
5-8) A Singer sewing machine + table. Bought in the PNW when Grandma K was living on a ranch. She used it to sew clothes for her daughter on and kept it in the sunroom. I absolutely LOVE the detail on it! It is so beautiful although it needs some refurbishing and a good polishing for the table which has been used as a nightstand for quite a few years now. I am hoping to do all that needs to be done to it and then use it--although I have not sewn since High School, I think it would be very special to use the same sewing machine as Grandma! Oh the table is in the Queen Anne style. It is from the late 1930's I believe.

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