03 September 2009

Of Sissel, Pita Bread & Blackberries

Happy September 3rd!
So what does Sissel, pita bread and blackberries have in common?
Well for most people absolutely nothing, but for me they (and more) were all part of this third day in September!
We began our day shopping for Nordic goodies like Cardamom bread (double yummy!) and I was happy to find the CD I had been wanting to buy--Sissel’s 'My Heart'. If you've never heard this Norwegian singer--you should! She has an incredible soprano voice and this CD has some songs I've liked for a long. long time!
After our nice sojourn in the land of the Vikings (or at least a little taste of it) we moved on to the Middle East--land of pita bread and other delicacies. I didn’t (moan, moan) find my favorite -- long time, no taste--baklava though; considering I'm still losing weight and I LOVE this calorie-laden goodies, this is probably a good thing...maybe even a blessing in disguise:)
And how did we end such a perfect PNW day? Well we ended up at a farm where the owners were kind enough to let us come after hours and pick up some bounty to take home! Bounty being something much better then gold---NW Elberta peaches (yea, there is not going to be any left to freeze if I have my way. Munch, munch!), fresh off the vine Early Girl tomatoes, cucumbers (literally picked by the farmer just for us), green peppers, sweet corn…..oh can hardly wait to begin tomorrow’s munch-festJ

Sweet corn. Yum! Love this stuff!

Assorted red and green farm goodies proving that good things that come in red and green aren't just limited to Christmas!
- -
Thinking of a warm peach-blackberry cobbler and the Dala Horse cookies I'll make this autumn; and the Caprese salad and sweet buttered corn on the cob I’ll be munching on tomorrow (along with some more Nordic and Middle Eastern goodies).
And now I'm off (before it is midnight) to freeze the blackberries I brought home...
I'm glad that they are so easy to preserve:) Oh sorry about the pictures--it's late evening here and the lighting in my Dining Room leaves much to be desired!
Links for freezing blackberries:
And some recipes for blackberry desserts and vinegar:

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