05 September 2009

Dala World (Scandinavian Festival)

Happy September 5th; it's time for a trip again!
Living in the PNW you'll likely go to one of its many festivals at least once in your life there; festivals that celebrate the region's agriculture, pioneer or Native American history, cultural heritage and more. I've been to some of them myself-a Pow Wow, Mai-Fest, Oktoberfest and various Scandinavian Festivals.
In the latter category, there are Scandinavian festivals that take place in both Washington and Oregon: the Midsummer Fest that used to be held at Scandia Gaard in Gig Harbor (loved that place. Sigh, it closed down permanently a long time ago), Viking Fest in Poulsbo (great little town with a beautiful harbor), Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Astoria (in a beautiful hillside location in the hometown of the 'Goonies')...and the list goes on and on.
This summer the weather cooperated and we went the Scandinavian Festival in the central Willamette Valley of Oregon-it was great fun!
Here (and at other Nordic festivals) you'll find folk dancing by costumed performers from children to adults. I think folk dancing is great; since I seem to be very uncoordinated when it comes folk dancing, I just enjoy watching it.
You may also find music being performed by talented musicians and
folk tales being read out loud to children...
and adults that like listening to them too!
And at festivals, sometimes, these 'folk tales' may come alive and you may find a troll
(or maybe even a group of trolls)!
'Scary' but also very, very cute:)
At Scandinavian festivals you'll find, and likely devour, some Nordic food like lefse---a Norwegian flatbread. I like mine with butter, cinnamon and sugar please:) Even though I get more then one to go as we're leaving, mine never makes it far down the road!
And the yummy, round, Danish donut-like treat known as Aebleskivers. People wait in long lines here to get some; you can take my word on that! I like mine with raspberry or lingonberry jam and can make them at home-from a mix or scratch using a special aebleskiver pan (you can make lefse too but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe this year; I'll try Goro or krumkake too)
Frikadeller---a yummy Danish meatball. Always a stop for me but easy to make at home. They remind me of Swedish meatballs. Speaking of Swedish meatballs, I also like Ikea's frozen ones when I am lucky enough to be in their big yellow and blue store (or can beg someone who's going to get some for me)

Some 'pretend' play areas for children and adults too.
This one here and another with a little Viking ship.
And you can find craft demonstrations, mini-language classes and lots of booths with folk arts, imports and more----my favorites being ones for rosemaling and wheat weaving. These are the decorated food jars I bought from the rosemaler at the festival, to add to my ever-growing collection of rosemaling at home.
This folk artist had many beautiful works of art there at the festival (you can check out the link below for more examples of rosemaling). A big TY to her for permission to post this photo of her beautiful art here :)
An old Finnish locomotive and some historical museums.
Love this locomotive--love trains!
A lot of flowers everywhere you look, even in people's hair.
At most festivals I purchase a dried flower headband and then bring it home where I hang it up; it reminds me all year of the colors and flowers of summer, the festival and the fun I had while serving as a simple decoration for my house.
Top photo:
Dala Horse at Festival -- I LOVE this horse!
Other photos described above,
Links of Interest:
Dala Horses (info about. links)
Lefse (info about, links)
Aebleskivers (info about)
Krumkake (info about)
Goro (photo of this beautiful cardamom cookie/cracker, recipe)
Photos taken at the Junction City, Oregon Scandinavian Festival.
Click on any photo if you would like a better view of them :)
Had a bit of a problem uploading earlier.
In Loving Memory:
This post dedicated in loving memory of my noble Norwegian friend and my Swedish extended family member and his wife who gave shelter to my ancestor during his storm of life.

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