19 July 2009

Walks in His Gardens-Astoria Again!

It has been a nice summer in our gardens; it really has!! I've loved working and being outside for the most part and seeing dreams becoming reality is really satisfying! But as I've said before, I was born with a 'travel bug' which was continuously nurtured by likewise afflicted parents during my childhood and even into adulthood; I just cannot stand to be home very long--no matter how wonderful it is--before the call to explore compels me to get on the road again. And such was the case this last week--
Now since my hubby had to work, I asked my best friend if she would like to go with me and she, being likewise afflicted with the 'bug', said yes and off we went.
Pictured (left to right): Norwegian cardamom-cinnamon roll, powdered sugar topped fattigmann, Finnish prune tart pinwheel and plain fattigmann. Recipes for all these can easily be found on the web.
We were headed to one of my favorite places on the Oregon coast which I hadn't been to for several years--the port city of Astoria. I was more then eager to see it again; after all it has an awesome Scandinavian bakery--and I was hungry for a Finnish prune pinwheel, fattigmann and other Nordic treats you see above! (If you live in Washington there is a great Nordic bakery in Poulsbo; haven't been there in awhile but last time I went it was good. Of course you can try your hand at some of these treats at home too.)
I did have some goals in mind (besides food that is!) for our trip and my friend, who wasn't familiar with the area let me take the lead. Our itinerary would include Ft Stevens (just across Young's Bay from Astoria), Astor Column, hunting down some of 'The Goonies (& other movie) filming locations and driving past the numerous Victorian homes that this little 'San Francisco' of the Pacific NW has.
Astor Column, taken on an earlier trip there. It was impossible to not get people in the photos I took on our recent trip:) A history and more info on the column can be found here.
Although our order of visitation was different, I am going to start with the high point of Astoria (literally the HIGH point) which is Coxcomb Hill, It is here you will find the Astor Column and panoramic views of the surrounding area--a place of beautiful mountains, foothills, waterways and more!
The route there is fairly well marked and once you are on Coxcomb you just follow it to the top (expect a lot of curves and some good views including a peek at the column above as you draw closer.
BTW--as you cross over Young's Bay you can also spot the column on the hill if you are looking for it:)

Beautiful, isn't it? I never get tired of this place and I don't think I am alone in that feeling.It is well worth the short drive up to the top of the hill. I should say that there is, in addition to the column, a gift shop and rest room facilities.
But there is much more to Astoria then the Astor Column and Hollywood figured that out a long time ago. Astoria has been the site for at least some of several movies including the Goonies, Kindergarten Cop, Short Circuit, Free Willy and Into the Wild among others. Not surprising for as you can see the views are incredible here and at nearby Ft Stevens and the Cannon Beach/Ecola Beach areas.
We set off to track down some film locations...
finding the school used in Kindergarten Cop was no problem (I had been by it many times before) but you'll have to wait for a moment for the photo..
My main goal was Goonie locations though and after a little hunting around (we did have an exact address and partial directions but no map) we were able to locate the Goonie home. I was very excited about that!!
(Sorry but since it is on a private road I am not posting a photo here; however Goonies are allowed to walk up and see it per a sign at the bottom of the hill. If you want to see a photo just do a search for 'Goonie house' and you'll find it). I also found Data's house nearby plus a great view of the river below
BTW-- I should say before moving on that the bridge in the last photo of the Astor Column area was in the movie Short Circuit.
Here is a photo of the Flavel Museum - a beautiful Victorian and the museum in The Goonies. Eek! I cut off the top part of the tower with the photo border; oh well...
Other areas of the NW with lots of Victorians is Port Townsend and Port Gamble, Washington state. Of course I find Victorians everywhere I go:) I love the style of home and one time was lucky enough to get to sleep in the tower of a home in Portland, Oregon. Apparently my mom lived in one for awhile when she was younger so maybe I come by this love for them naturally.
(Another type of home I really love is the log cabin/home and we saw one of those too on this trip. I will post it when I post the photos of Ft Stevens and the Hammond/Warrenton area. I have stayed in several of these too in both Oregon and Washington )
And here is a picture of the John Jacob Astor School which was a prominent location in Kindergarten Cop. I hate to admit it (true confession here..but I sometimes watch these films just because I love Astoria so much). If you follow this link you can see my earlier post of Astoria with a few more photos (trolley streetcar, waterfront, etc)
One last photo ---for now that is.
This is part of the waterfront--the one along the Columbia River. The trolley goes along this area I believe although I did not see it on this trip.
At Ft Stevens you can see the mouth of the Columbia River; it is considered dangerous to pass over but many ships--large and small do it each day.
Note: I haven't forgotten about the photos from my trip to the lavender and berry farms. Just needed to check on something first...will post soon and also some incredible photos from southern Oregon/northern California AND the photos from across Young's Bay and part of Lewis & Clark's route along the Columbia River.
Sorry this post is a bit rambling--
it is late here (well actually it's early, early morning) and I am really tired.
TY for your understanding:)
Update: well it is now afternoon and this still sounds rambling after some changes, but since I have my mind on some other things I am going to leave it. Hope you enjoy the photos:)

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