25 July 2009

Walks in His Gardens--Highway 30

One route I am particularly fond of taking to Astoria is Highway 30 which runs along the Columbia River (but mostly not within sight of the river). It is largely a rural route for much of its length from Astoria to the Portland area (where you can catch other highways/freewaysto get you to your final destination in Washington or Oregon).
When you are traveling this route you will also - roughly - be on the same path Lewis & Clark used some 200 years ago.
So here we go...

Forested areas.


Lots of trees!

Wildflowers along the road.

This was an area just off Highway 30 on the way to a local park
along the Columbia River.

And this is the park -- on the river.
Looked like a peaceful place to spend awhile and watch the sailboats. .

So there you go--a small sampling of the forests, mountains, beaches and agricultural regions along Highway 30.
Hope your weekend is filled with the beauty that is nature.
Photos: I arranged the photos to roughly duplicate what you would see if you were traveling west (from Astoria) to east. Some areas I omitted--mainly the communities you pass through along the highway

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