25 July 2009

Caution: Heat Wave Ahead!

Some info re: heat related illnesses

I've always been somewhat sensitive to excessive heat, as my mother was (and still is) before me, but about 10 years ago I suffered a bout of heat exhaustion that was awful! Fortunately my DH (trained in first aid) knew what was going on and how to treat it until my sibling, who has more medical training, arrived to render further care. My first symptoms that day were (and still are) intense abdominal cramps and slight dizziness. It was not fun...let me tell you.
Since then I know that during times of excessive heat I have to be extra diligent with drinking fluids (even when I am not thirsty), doing most of my tasks either very early or late in the day and staying in our air conditioned living areas. I also know that heat seems to have a cumulative effect on me so I have to be careful even when the worst of the heat wave is over.
In conclusion here are two links to some good, reliable information about heat, heat related conditions and more:
here and another (from the Red Cross) here. The forecast this week is calling for many areas of the PNW to experience a prolonged heat wave so fellow NW'ers please be safe (and all others experiencing heat waves in their areas too).
Blessings, Aimee
PS: Info for pets too:)


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

make sure you take care of yourself!

pretty flowers, I love lavender!

aimee said...

I will & thanks! You would like my house right now then; I have lavender hanging all over & 5 new plants to put in the ground.
Blessings, Aimee

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