19 December 2008

What's for Christmas Dinner? Help!

I need help. There's only a week left before THE day and I have a BIG problem. I haven't decided what to cook for Chrismas Dinner yet.

I've asked the husband for his opinion; no answer, no guidance, no help. Besides he might ask for his all time favorite and I am not going there. Ick!

The winter in autumn weather we're having is playing havoc on my shopping. But of course I would not have it any other way.

After much reflection (and web surfing) I've narrowed it down to these finalists:
Glazed ham, mashed potatoes, vegetable, homemade bread with herb butter
* Roast beef, new potatoes and other root vegetables, Yorkshire pudding
* Lamb, rice pilaf, stir fry asparagus, focaccia
* Apricot glazed Cornish Hen (stuffed), stir fry asparagus, Yorkshire pudding or homemade bread or focaccia

Other holiday meals--
* Cheese fondue. Not being man-food, I'll have to serve that with a meat/cheese tray. It's so hard at times to make a meat and potatoes man happy when you're an international/gourmet food aficionado, but at least my grown kids take after me. That's a comfort in my old age.

* Christmas Morning: breakfast sausage (maple), plattar (Swedish pancakes), potatoes. Just eggs, sausage and fried potatoes for the man cub; he doesn't do pancakes. Good thing I have 4 working burners now.
* Christmas night: blessed leftovers.

So what are you all having? I am always open to other ideas! That is unless it's hot dogs and bologna --my hubby's favorite foods :)

Advent blessings! Aimee

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