17 December 2008

A Walk in His Gardens--mountains & snow

Snow on the mountains~
and points in between.
In the Northwest we are getting hit hard by winterlike weather and I can tell that for most people this is getting old, very old.
But not for me.
No, with every new weather report my glee & childlike delight are more then evident. And when -- for a moment -- it looks as if it might be going away,
I feel sad.

I just can't help it; it's the way I am made.

I love the winter carpet on the rolling countryside, by the rivers, lakes and waterfalls, in the forests and even on the high desert. I love it on houses--especially if they're Victorian ones and on old churches too. I love it by ponds and falling from the sky. I even love it as it covers our decks and paths

But my favorite...and I am sure this will be difficult to guess.
Yea, the mountans & foothills.
But I want you to know--this is a good thing.
Because if it wasn't for my love of snow and the mountains & foothills, I would have missed this..
and this.

And if it wasn't for my almost obsessive love of the snow and mountains, I would have missed this on the way down from one of those trips..

and then I couldn't have shared it with you.
Advent blessings, Aimee
Cascades, Coast Range, Foothills & near Bend--all in Oregon, Colorado.
Colorado photo: © J. Blessings. All Rights Reserved. Used here by permission.

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