24 December 2008

A Walk in His Gardens

Sights & Sounds of a Christmas Week Walk~
A walk? Yea mom! See, I remembered my coat;
but I could use some winter boots.
Did you see that? Even the apples have hats on. They must be frozen.
I'm doing fine though; this cold, wintry day feels much warmer then a rainy one to me.
We walk by a wheelbarrow laying, at rest, under a deep snowy blanket.
Looks peaceful although I don't think I'd enjoy it much.
Next we wander beside a pond laying at rest too; frozen under a layer of ice and surrounded by snow. All is silent except for the sounds of a few passing cars and the birds singing nearby in the trees; they're calling each other to share in the bounty of a winter's feast of fruit.
And finally a table that's become a tall snow covered mushroom with no place to put a book or plates; but whuch looks very cool.

And inside the warm house, Aimee keeps a watchful eye out for any visitors and more snow!
Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas.May you experience the amazing joy & peace which does not come from gifts or a nice meal, but instead comes from receiving the greatest Gift of all--God's Holy Son.
Blessings always, Aimee

Photos: rural NW views

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