17 November 2008

I am NOT a Pioneer Woman.

After about a week of playing Pioneer Woman by being forced to do the wash by hand, I added to my already huge admiration of my Pilgrim and Pioneer ancestors! Strong women all :)

I don't know how they did it ... I really don't.

After a week of hand washing in the sink I was more then eager to welcome home another friend to help me with the load(s)...so we went shopping. Super capacity and regular sized ones. Ones that looked like commercial washers; ones that didn't. A lot of features these days. Nice colors too. Red anyone? Ahhh-red, a fantasy of mine. I LOVE red.

I did eye a front loading washer...another fantasy. Saves water too but due to our floor problems it will have to wait.

After all it would do me no good if the washer spun its way down to our non-existent basement. I'd be back to doing the wash by hand again and we would have a very drafty laundry room.

I chose this beauty. A super capacity for a two person household. Well two person, three dog household. You definitely have to count our long haired dogs.

My new partner has NO transmission and is SO quiet my honey and I sneak in there to see if it's on or not. It is light too--about the same as a dryer and it also has some nice features like an optional extra rinse or extra spin (for those endless loads of heavy towels!) Needless to say, it was love at first wash.

Thank goodness for the 21st century modern convienences of life and laundry.

Speaking of endless amounts of towels..why do we use a clean one each time to dry totally clean hair and body parts? Hum. I will have to think about that.


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