09 December 2016

Utah: Part II

Thank YOU for all your kind comments on my trip posts! 
I hope you'll continue to enjoy touring the country with me (and hubby of course). 

So, I got to thinking, that at my very slow-maybe once a week posting of the trip pics-it'll be spring before I get them all posted. Plus, I have SO many photos (taken since our return) of wetland waterfowl and the coast (of course) that I am eager to share with you too...
Anyway, I decided I need to increase my posts to maybe 2 or 3 a week. We'll see, with limited data and a crazy, crazy life and possible Christmas visitors coming...who knows? :)

Today's post will be a bit of a potpourri of things we saw and ate in Utah. I miss seeing these places already...

The mountains of Utah always captivate me!

I took this photo during one of the photoshoots I did for my DD on our return to their home from our trip south. The colors were incredible--I finally fulfilled my dream of being in Utah in the autumn. Now, I just want to be there every autumn! This was taken at about 5200 feet in elevation if I remember correctly. Oh--I did get to spend some time admiring my beloved aspen trees and I took several photos of them too (but not the photo above).


Up in the mountains (canyon) still. There's a pretty lake close by here. 

Another view of my beloved Utah mountains. 
All the better with a bit of icing (snow) on them, don't you think?

One of the many cornfields of Utah. 
Early morning is made even better when you're out in the middle of nature!

This was taken at Golden Spike National Historic Site up in the Promontory Summit area (which I totally fell in LOVE with). Had a very enjoyable time up there with our dear son-in-law, who played tour guide for us, and his incredible mom (who has one of the sweetest hearts I have ever known).

This was one of the two places we used my hubby's America the Beautiful pass at. The pass is an excellent buy if you are a senior (62+) as it's only $10, good for a lifetime and allowed hubby and his visitors (the three of us without passes) in for FREE! We were all very happy our neighbors had told us about the passes before we set off on our cross country trip!

A "spa" (natural hot springs) my son-in-law took us by. The water was quite warm, the decor unique:)

My DD made this for me. She knows it's one of my favorite meals! 
There are NO words to describe how awesome it is...but I'll try. LOL
Fabulous, flavorful, great, wonderful, totally yummy...
makes me hungry just looking at it again. 
It's a Mexican seafood soup.

Another photo that makes me VERY hungry is this one. 
Yes, this is an Amish buggy. 
Yes, this is in beautiful Utah. 
And yes, I only wish we lived a LOT closer to this store which is filled with shelves of the yummiest preserves and about everything else to eat!
If you're ever in Utah, in Willard or Provo, I highly recommend a stop at Apple Creek Bulk Food Co. 
and Apple Creek Amish Market. 
Nom nom:)

Oh and yes, my dearest hubby just finished our jar of pumpkin pecan butter last night. 
Here's a link to their site should you be interested. 

By the way, this store--though they don't know it-was an answer to one of my prayers. 
It just so happened that I wanted to bring back some Amish jams for friends at home. and never really got a chance to stop down South at one of the several places that have Amish made products. Then the same day we landed back in Utah, I found out about  this store when I did a search for Amish jams on the Internet. 
Well, it just so happened that my DD was heading out on an errand to meet someone and asked me if I wanted to go with her. And where you ask was she going? Yep. the place I had JUST learned about on the Internet. 
The place that had everything I had prayed for!

Coincidence? Nah. She doesn't even live in that area. 
God is VERY good!




Betsy said...

God is good! Love the story about the Amish store. I'be only been to one near where my daughter lives. It's in Annapolis, MD and they have the yummiest foods there. An dthe people are SO nice. Your photos are beautiful and I would love to try that soup. It looks delicious. Hope you're doing okay with the snow and ice down that way. We had snow all day and supposed to have another 3 inches tonight. Winter is here.

aimee said...

He definitely is! I would have LOVED the Amish store in your daughter's city! I only hope that I can find one closer to home:) You are right about the people there--very nice. Winter is definitely here - not sure if I would rather be in FL or OR right now;)

ellen b said...

Yippee for your desire being realized and prayers answered! Love it when that happens. That soup your DD made looks delicious. Beautiful scenery in Utah...

Linda W. said...

Love those fall colors in your second photo! Glad you were able to stop by the Amish store and get those goodies.

Sammy Sam said...

Very nice Aimee. I really like "being along" on your road trips. Always something beautiful or unique to see.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It really is a beautiful state! We have been to most of these places (but your photos are better) ... we loved RVing in the Fall because the weather is pretty much perfect and we always stopped at Farmers Markets everywhere and that's such a good way to eat well and get to know what grows in the area -- and to meet people who actually live there.

That seafood soup looks amazing -- I wish I had the recipe in fact.

The Amish wagon and store (in Utah) quite surprised me. That we did not see. (But we did in other states on other trips).

aimee said...

Thank you! Answered prayers and dreams come true are blessings indeed! Her soup is one of my favorites-even better, if you are lucky enough to have leftovers, the next day:) Utah is gorgeous-I really enjoyed seeing parts of it I hadn't seen before.

Thank you! The colors were incredible Linda-I am SO glad we went when we did:) We finished up the last of our Amish preserves today--or I should say my hubby did. LOL

Thanks! There were some amazing places along our route Sammy! Our new pup pup enjoyed the trip too-for the most part:)

It sure is-especially up in the canyons and mountains! I LOVE that you have been to most of the same areas as we went and totally agree--RV trips in the fall are the best! The soup is most delicious...I will ask her if I can share it. The Amish (actually Amish style) store is fairly new. I am pretty sure it wasn't there last time we went through Utah. I am SO disappointed that Oregon doesn''t seem to have something similar. Hope you are having fun down south! If it wasn't for the weather (snow, ice) and some other circumstances, I would love to be down there too!

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