07 December 2016

Next Up: Utah

Moving swiftly along (surprisingly for me--LOL)...

Okay not so swiftly after all due to it being a bit crazy here...
But onto Utah!

After one very, very long day of traveling, we finally made it to our first destination-Utah!
Arriving after dark was somewhat a challenge as we had never been to our DD's new home before. 
We finally solved the problem by having her give us turn by turn directions over the phone as we drove through the darkness. Can I just say it was SO good to be stopped for the night and SO good to see her and the family again? There's just way too many miles between our two families and my heart longs to live closer to them. 

Morning found us surrounded by cornfields with a lovely view of the mountains--we would see LOTS of cornfields on our trip as well as a few mountains:) 
There was lots to see--goats, dogs, cats, chickens, cats, burros and best of all horses! In fact, there were 4 horses and 2 of them were Arabians, which I happen to be particularly fond of. For the next week or so I spent lots of times loving on these beautiful animals-it was wonderful!

My DD asked me to do a couple photoshoots while I was there-one that involved the horses. 
It was quite fun getting them trying to get them to pose with my DD and her hubby:)

We did have a bit of excitement while there when a very, very  nasty storm hit the area. In fact, after reading the warning that was issued I headed inside the home with rain blowing sideways, heavy wind and lightning like you wouldn't believe. My hubby, of course, stayed in our RV...
checking for leaks he said :)

The family, who have lived in Utah for quite awhile now had never seen anything like it, and later I learned there had been some tornados further away. I will always remember the sight of one of their horses lit up by the lighting standing frozen in their fenced area and the next day we found one of the other horses had jumped the fence and been injured. Scary. 

And now some photos..

I was so tempted to take the little guy home. 
I just KNEW he would fit in our RV. 
Sadly it was not to be, but I did get to spend lots of time with this cutie!

 When the sun rose after the big storm we found a lot of standing water in 
the paddock area and damage to the fence. My hubby helped them repair it. 

Their dogs always made me smile when they put on their mournful "Can I come in look?" 

My hubby, who is a regular Dr Doolittle, become best buddies with their very temperamental cockatoo. It was great fun to carry on conversations with her:)

A couple of my DD's goats. I wanted to take one of her goats home too:)

One of my daughter's beautiful Arabian horses. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fella:)


Next: More Utah


Betsy said...

That storm sounds scary! We've been through some doozies in our camper and it's always a bit disconcerting. My goodness your daughter has lots and lots of animals. How fun! I would love to visit those cuties and would also be tempted to bring them all home.

Sammy Sam said...

Wow that's quite the collection of animals at your DD place. Lucky her.

baili said...

my goodness .
your daughter lives in such LOVELY place .i am huge fan of village life as i am from village too.
your photos grabbed my heart .loved the darling hen .dog and cuties {goats}
thank you so much for sharing pleasure dear

Linda W. said...

Cute collection of animal pics!

Gracie Saylor said...

Goats and chickens and horses, and more are beautiful! I am glad you all survived the storm and that you were able to work together to mend what got damaged. My oldest sister sent me some photos today of our dad working on Flying Feather Poultry Farm in MA back in the 1950's...your pretty chicken photo reminded me of my rural roots. Thanks for posting, Aimee. Blessings to you and yours.

Jill said...

Love all these photos, they are all so adorable! Great shot of the chicken n the water too! Enjoy the weekend!


ellen b said...

Glad there wasn't more damage from that storm...yikes! The animal photos are fabulous. Like the action you captured. Hope all is peaceful for you this weekend.

aimee said...

It definitely was! Hubby says there was quite a bit of shaking going on in the RV! My DD definitely has--and they are not all pictured:) LOL about the cuties!

I agree! She is quite blessed. We all LOVE her animals--well except for one of the goats--he is BAAAAD:):)

Thank YOU so very much for your visit and kind comment! She certainly does live in a beautiful place--the mountains are incredible there. I will have to check out your blog sometime when I am on public wifi--life in a village sounds wonderful!

Thank you Linda! They are even cuter in person--and very huggable too:)

I am VERY grateful to God that we all survived too! I didn't know that you came from rural roots Gracie. How wonderful!!! I feel blessed to have reminded you a bit of them. I bet your dad's photo is fabulous and a joy to have!

Thank you Jill! There was quite a bit of water in the back after the storm! I stood on higher ground (concrete ramp to the barn) to take some of the pics while hubby braved the water.
Have a very blessed weekend too!!!

Thanks!! Yes, definitely! One of the horses was pretty injured, but with good vet care, good home care and a VERY good God she recovered! Another reason I felt so blessed on this trip!
Wishing you a peaceful and very blessed weekend also!

Becky L. said...

That's quite the journal of your trip in Utah. Glad you all weathered the storm well. It did sound scary to me just reading your words!!! The animals are great and so are your photos. Looking forward to the next chapter of your journey! Stay warm and dry, my friend!

aimee said...

Thanks! It was quite exciting! Ah, me too. I won't be forgetting that night anytime soon. Thank you for your kind comment Becky! Stay safe too:):)

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