10 October 2014

The Liebster Award (and First Awards)

Not too long ago, Miss Bethany blessed my blogging world with a nomination for
 the wonderful Liebster Award! I would now like to take some time and
thank her for this very unexpected blessing :)
By the way, if you don't know Miss Bethany of Liberty or Death AND you love history, photos of God's creation, chess and reflections of faith you should visit her blog soon.
Isn't it fun finding new blogs and meeting other bloggers? 

THANK YOU, thank you Miss Bethany for this awesome award,
your sweet comments, your strong faith and your support!

And now, Miss Bethany has asked me to answer the following questions. I will do my best. Hopefully I won't put you into a Aimee trivia overload:)

1. If you could have an expenses-paid vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
A) Well first of all we'll have to pretend I don't have a fear of flying. LOL. I would choose three places. First I'd love to see Norway which has captivated me ever since I was in junior high (today's middle school). And then, since I am already in Europe, and since this is an all expenses paid vacation, I would have to visit ancestral locations in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Finally, as long as I am already in Europe, the Holy Land seems SO very close and I would dearly love seeing where the Patriarchs, Moses, King David, Jesus and the Disciples walked---and see the differences from when my great grandfather was there and today.

2. What would you like to accomplish by the end of 2014?
A) Physically: get in better shape--yikes that's less than 3 months away! Mentally: watch less TV and read more. Spiritually: have a deeper, more trusting walk with God. Actually I have been working on most of these since I first started writing this post awhile ago:)

3. If you had a million dollars, how would you use it?
A) Move further out in the country, build a small log cabin with a covered porch, help family and give more to my favorite Christian charity.

4. What are your favorite foods?
A) So many to love--I am glad you made that plural 'foods'! I will try to limit myself to three--Japanese, Mexican and Scandinavian food. Of course, I have a very soft spot in my heart and my taste buds for Italian and Irish food too:)

5. What are your favorite quotes and Bible verses?
A) The Bible verses are easy! Many years ago I believe God gave me Psalm 121 and I have always loved that chapter! Periodically it seems a verse or two will be laid on my heart when I--or a friend--needs it. Quotes I will have to think about. I heard one recently that I really liked though. It went something like this "Don't impress; inspire" (OK that's not an exact quote and I can't find an original source either but I really like it!)

6. What is the best advice on life you can give in up to 3 sentences?
A)  Love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul and strength. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Life is a priceless gift and should never be taken for granted.

7. If you could live in any time period, which would you choose?
A) This one is easy--pioneer days:)

8. What is your dream car and your dream home?
A) I really don't feel the need for a dream car. I already have a dependable one with A/C that's paid off (yea). However, perhaps a horse drawn wagon or that Fjord horse I've been dreaming about would be nice. My dream home would be made of logs with some Nordic details and a woodstove. I wouldn't want it to be very big (more cleaning to do), but one with a loft would be great--then I could pretend to be Heidi instead of Aimee:) Oh and it has to be on a mountainside.

9. What languages can you speak?
A) English and a bit of Spanish (with a horrible accent). I also know some words/sentences in various other languages including Hawaiian and French. Recently I tried to teach my granddaughter a phrase I thought she'd like; perhaps you'll like it too --"J'adore la glace au chocolat".  Actually I prefer a nice lemon sorbet or smoothie:)

10. Do you have a current occupation; if not, what would your dream job be?
A) Homemaker---which is my dream job. Previously I worked in the medical field and also in education (but I am not a teacher, doctor or nurse).

11. What cause(s) are you most opinionated about?
A) Need to think about this one. I have VERY strong opinions on a lot of things and can be quite passionate about the way I feel. Sometimes too much so...

12. Is there any quality you think the Lord is growing in you right now (e.g., patience, love, trust)?
A) Several---trust and love. I can, at times, be quite stubborn and strong willed so it is good that He has never given up on me:)

And now to find some wonderful blogs to bestow the Liebster and the One Lovely Award on. Thinking (yep I found my 'cap')
And while I am thinking here are a couple more photos of our beach adventures.
LOVED these birds!
Should have cropped this a bit differently,
but since it's almost 0150 I choose to be imperfect:)
I also made these a little smaller but you can click on them to see a larger version.
This trip we actually saw a lot of the 'trails' the sand dollars
make as they move themselves along the sand. They really are quite interesting little creatures!
 OK, here are my choices for the One Lovely Blog award. This was REALLY, really, really hard
 because I LOVE all the blogs I visit on a regular basis and I think they are all LOVELY, but I tried not to duplicate awards and some of you had already received the Liebster award from what I could tell.
Drum roll please...
One Lovely Blog Award Winners--in alphabetical order
(BTW, you'll find your award here on my last post.
  Right click on the award and save it (JPEG format) to your computer--
that way it will be yours forever)
1.  Bethany of http://todaylibertyordeath.blogspot.com/
(Blogs from the Midwest. A lover of history, country, flowers and birds--
 check out her most recent post, including a reflection,
"The Feathered Invasion of Waterloo")
2.  Betsy of http://betsy-thesimplelifeofaqueen.blogspot.com/
 (PNW blogger. Betsy is a lover of family, crafts and the beach. Check out her amazing crafts--
loved her recently finished baby socks and photo of her adorable granddaughter).
3.  Deya of http://thepsalmistandhergarden.blogspot.com/
 (Texas blogger. Deya is a lover of worship and a very talented artist.
 Check out her reflections--the latest one being about trust.)
(PNW blogger. Linda is a lover of hiking, shooting beautiful alpine flowers
and a wonderful owner to Bear. Check out her most recent posts of her trip
 in the Cascades and central Oregon)
5.  Lorrie of http://fabricpaperthread.blogspot.com/
 (Canadian blogger. Lorrie is a lover of sailing, gardens and crafts. Check out her latest post which is about decorating and some lovely summer/autumn flowers)
(Canadian blogger. Very inspiring blog about one special dog and
 his family and friends--including kitties! Check out his blog to learn more about this
 amazing dog and his equally amazing owners)

 7. Teresa of http://teresakasner.blogspot.com/
 (PNW blogger. Teresa is a lover of crafts, history and sailing.
 Check out her blog for some lovely moon and Gorge pictures).
 Now it's your turn.
 In my research I've seen various rules about the number of blogs you should nominate (5-15). Some mention a limit on followers (200 or less); some don't?? And I even saw one that had a rule I'd never seen before, so I am thinking there might be a bit of flexibility in the rules. Since I know you're all busy bloggers (along with having busy daily lives) I am going to make my rules for this very easy.
Here they are:
 1. List 7 things we don't know about you on your blog
(optional but I do love learning about my fellow bloggers).
  2. Choose some other bloggers to gift the One Lovely Award to. You decide how many
 (again, optional).
 3. Know that I value you and your very lovely blogs!
(LOL -- required!) 
 Remember NOT to stress out about this as participation is totally voluntary and
 the award is yours whether or not you choose to participate. I will try to get around to your blogs and let you know about the award you've won, but I am having one of the
 most challenging weeks I've ever had.
PS: BTW if you've already received the One Lovely Blog award but haven't received the Liebster award, go ahead and consider yourselves awarded that one instead. The rules for the Liebster award will be on my next post.


Bethany Carson said...

Thanks for your sweet words about my blog Aimee, and thanks for answering my questions!

Your idea on how to take an expenses-paid tour is just how I'd do it! The more places the better. Very neat that your great-grandfather visited the Holy Land.

Good quote and good advice. If everyone followed it, the world would be a much better place.

I was surprised you picked the pioneer days! It was quite tough back then...but you sound like a strong woman who could take it!

I liked your reference to Heidi! The birds are beautiful and the sand dollar trail is pretty awesome!

Thanks for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award!

aimee said...

You are most welcome! Your questions were quite fun to answer! Thanks for your kind comments. My hubby tells me I wouldn't make it in the pioneer days LOL and I am OK with that, but it is nice to dream:) Enjoy your One Lovely Blog award!
Blessings, Aimee

Lorrie said...

Thank you, Aimee for this award. I'm tickled pink about the nice things you've said about my blog. I hope to post 7 things about myself in the coming week or two.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Linda W. said...

Awww....thanks for nominating me and your very kind words! I'm humbled.

aimee said...

Thank YOU Lorrie for your blog and sharing your life with us:) It is a true pleasure to see one of my favorite nations through your camera lens!

You are SO welcome and thank YOU for allowing me to accompany you on all your wonderful adventures in "high places" and -- of course -- occasionally spend time with Bear:)

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Aimee, I really enjoyed reading your list of things to share with us! Thanks for the award, I did many of these in the past and found them kind of stressful, so I am sorry not to follow through, but I indeed appreciate you thinking of me. I'm glad we're blog friends. Sorry to respond so late, but we've been adventuring every day and haven't been home.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

You're welcome! Not a problem at all!! Feel free, should you want, to copy the award anyway to your laptop or post without feeling you have to do anything at all! The award is meant to show I value you and your blog. No problem on the response--I haven't even been able to be on as much as possible due to some challenges as of late:)
PS: Me too:)

Betsy said...

Hello Aimee. It was so sweet of you to think of me with the award. I have done a few and like Teresa, I find them pretty stressful to try to answer and get other bloggers to respond too. Life is crazy at the current time and I think I have to regretfully not participate. I am SO very honored that you thought of me though.

For the record though, many of my answers would have been very similar to yours, a cabin in the mountains, trip to Europe. Your words of advice are very profound too.

aimee said...

No worries at all! I more than understand how life can be crazy:) If you would like, please feel free to keep the award anyway--no strings attached. It's main purpose is to honor you and your blog anyway.
LOL. That is SO neat---I have a feeling we have quite a bit in common:) Thanks for your sweet comment!

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