15 September 2014

Journey To 'The End'

So what exactly is my Farmer Boy doing here and why is his wife just a BIT whole LOT panicky?
Stay tuned and all shall be explained as I tell you about our latest adventure.
It started out innocently enough.
After lunch we arrived at one of my fav beaches and plopped ourselves down on a quilt to rest.
The hubby rested;
the woman amused herself by resting,
shooting photos
and thinking what a glorious, peaceful song the sea makes.

She had some other thoughts though too as her hubby would soon find out...
Then I asked the totally unsuspecting, peacefully resting Farmer Boy
a teeny tiny, itsy bitty question...
Um. Could we please get a 'little closer' to The Point so I could take some better photos of it?
The Point--
that magical place where the land meets the sea;
the same place that has always caught and held captive my gaze since
 first visiting this little piece of sandy paradise years ago.
The place that looks SO tantalizing close when you're sitting on a quilt on the beach there.
        Yep, THAT point  ^^^^ the one right there:)
Surprisingly, the hubby said "yes"
and soon thereafter we set off on our journey--
the Farmer Boy in sandals;
the Aimee Gal, as always, in bare feet.
Along the way we passed by surfers--
LOTS of them.
We also passed by people--
doing the things people do to have fun when at the ocean. 
 Gradually though the crowds thinned out as we left the 'main' park area
and came to the end of the houses that line the area above the beach
(you can't see them, but there are a lot of houses up there)

Of course we saw birds too--
after all this is the beach and the birds seem to love it as much as the locals and visitors all do
(or maybe they just know where to go for free food. LOL).
We saw lots of interesting shells, jelly fish and assorted ocean plant life too
(don't you think this looks like a palm tree taking a nap?
Yep, you are correct, Aimee does have a vivid imagination--a very vivid imagination!)
We walked by lots of dogs--
cute, furry,
small and LARGE.
Lots of awesome dog owners too!

Closer and closer we came to The Point...
(^ about 20 minutes into our walk)

About 20 minutes later we were even closer...LOL
 And then perhaps 5 to 9 minutes after this photo was taken we were finally there!
And so will you be on my next post:)


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Lorrie said...

Well. That ended on a cliff hanger. Lovely photos and a wonderful walk. I'm the one that goes barefoot and Tim wears sandals around here, too.

Bethany Carson said...

Makes me miss the ocean! Must have been neat to get that close to the point!

Teresa Kasner said...

There is nothing better than to seek an adventure of finding out what is at that point far away.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Gorgeous. Stunningly beautiful. I must confess to being so jealous that you can go to the beach so often. Maybe someday in our retirement we'll be able to beach hop too.

Betsy said...

So fun, going on this adventure with you Aimee.

Willow said...

Oh I love cliff hangers ~ although I hope know one ended up hanging off a cliff !
Gorgeous area Aimee.
What a pretty shoreline .
Hope your having a beautiful week so far .
Blessings and hugs,

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for the trip to the beach, Aimee...such pretty pictures. You are correct: the seaweed looks like a palm tree taking a nap :-) I have a good imagination, too. xx

Sam said...

Wow that was a bit of a walk. Did you factor in the walk back? I bet that the walk, both to the point and back was well worth the time and effort. It's good to do such things as you never know when you'll be back or what the next day will bring. Woofs.

aimee said...

Thanks! It was a great walk on a beautiful day! LOL, it sure did:) I decided part way through choosing photos to make this into a two parter -- there were just too many pics for a single post.

You and my daughter both miss our coast--it really is lovely there! It really was--I even ran up to touch the rocks:)

I like that:):) Thanks!

Thank you! It was really amazing there--so untouched by human hands! Now I am even more eager to go to another place on my ever changing 'to see' list :) I shall hope that one day soon you'll be able to do beach hopping too! I know you really love it there. Glad you enjoyed the adventure.

Thanks, it really is quite lovely and, as I mentioned to Betsy, quite wild! I loved it there. LOL, no one ended up hanging off a cliff this time. However I did have visions of my hubby getting stranded at the point and was trying to decide what I would do if he was:)

You are most welcome! Happy you liked the photos! I love it-it's so good to know I am not the only one to see a sleeping palm tree in the seaweed:)

Yes it was! I think it was somewhere between 2 1/2-3 miles (for the round trip) from our starting point. I don't think either of us thought it was that far but it was a perfect day for a walk and a very enjoyable way to get some exercise. So true Sam--I am glad my hubby was agreeable to the journey:)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Well ... I for one cannot wait to hear the end of the adventure; obviously nobody fell in the ocean since you are here to talk about it, but .... well, I must wait. And meantime, drool over the beautiful beach pictures. (This was such a different summer for us -- next year the Oregon Coast and I will get re-acquainted!)

aimee said...

Thank you! It's quite lovely there; very wild and rugged. LOL. Talking about wild and rugged, you've had a wonderful and totally unforgettable summer exploring Alaska and now BC :)

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