18 September 2014

Journey To "The End": Part II

We finally made it--
sort of.
By that I mean we reached our goal -
Road's End Point -
and I was VERY grateful and excited to be there!
But, since the tide was coming in,
 we didn't have enough time to explore what lay beyond the first rocky area
(although one of us did have a quick peak at part of it over the rocks--
I'll let you guess which one of us that was. LOL).

The tide was coming in;
the hubby was going out.
Visions of hubby being on the evening news were playing in Aimee's head...
"man rescued by Coast Guard after being stranded at Road's End Point by incoming tide".

Very rugged, very picturesque  area.
It was definitely worth coming!
 I was impressed with the geology of the area.
The ocean seems a lot different here at The Point--so wild and untamed!
SO different from the part of the beach we had started at.

We were not the first creatures to arrive there...
of course the winged ones did have a SLIGHT advantage over us humans:)
Very, very neat!

A bit of sand...
a rock that looks like it's watching me.
Hey! Could this be the famous Wizard Rock?
Could this be the rock that guards the way to the "hidden" beach and cove?

Incoming waves.
No, no!
I haven't "discovered" the "secret" place yet;
I haven't taken a hundred photos of the beach, cove, sea life and caves there.
Incoming waves...

So close and yet so far.
The incoming tide isn't listening to my pleas for it to take its time so
further discoveries and explorations will have to wait for another time.

Goodbye Road's End Point...
goodbye possible Wizard's Rock...
goodbye until next time.

Hello momentary safety!
Looking back from the beach along the headland
(I think some of this is covered up at high tide).

A closer look at one of the trees on top of the headland/point.
Look at those roots!
If only trees could talk...
Hold on little tree--
it's not long before those famous winter storms begin.
Hold on and be strong.

 The beautiful colors of the section that faces the main beach.
When we were walking towards the headland/point/promontory we saw some hikers on
 top of one of the rocks that are on the top.
From what I could find on the web it sounds like there's a trail that leads up there
from a private camp to the north of here
(along the banks of the Salmon River which is between this area and Cascade Head).
It looks just a BIT LOT too high for me.
I think I'll stick to walking along the beach.
Besides I LOVE walking in the ocean!

Looking towards the south...
somewhere down there is the Road's End State Recreation Site where we started from.

This walk was such an unexpected blessing.
We both got a bit of exercise on a perfect sunny day
and it turned out to be a spiritual retreat of sorts for me.

Walking amidst all of this rugged, untouched beauty reminded me
of God's power, glory and love for all of us.
 It took my mind off of the troubling news reports of late
and refocused them on the One who made all of this---and made me too.
My heart felt peaceful once again.

It was a journey to "The End",
but it also marked a new beginning for me -
and that made this journey even more special:)


(Road's End Rec Site)
(Landowner's website that has some fascinating pdf files on the area's history)
(On Flickr: Old Man Travels Photostream. Some awesome photos of the "secret" place)
(I think this is where I first learned about Road's End Point)
PDF file on the geology of the coast from Road's End through Tillamook Bay
 including aerial photos of the different areas.


Bethany Carson said...

Really enjoyed the photos! Beautiful spot!

Sam said...

Very nice Aimee. We get that "refreshed" feeling that sometimes happens from being near the ocean and the incoming wind.

aimee said...

Thanks! Happy to hear that you enjoyed Road's End Point:)

Thank you! Yep, the ocean is an awesome place:)
PS: I wonder if the small, white furry one would have liked it there or been nervous because of the tides.

Lorrie said...

Wonderful photos of your walk on the beach. I always find my soul eased into praise when I walk along the beach.

Betsy said...

Beautiful post Aimee. It's too bad that you didn't make it all the way out but look at the blessings you did have. Gorgeous rocks and waves. A refreshed soul. God always knows what we need and then provides it.

Teresa Kasner said...

You and your husband had a nice long walk and discovered quite the adventurous place.. good for you both! I'm glad he did not get stuck out there! I always enjoy your ocean images.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thank you! The beach is always good for turning our hearts and minds toward God:)

Thanks! I am OK with not making it all the way this time as it gives us a goal for another time. You are so right, I definitely felt very blessed:)

aimee said...

LOL. Me too (about the hubby not getting stuck out there)! It was a very pleasant and fun walk. Thank you--that is sweet of you to say:)

Sallie (fulltime-life) said...

I love a wild ocean ... And we used to like clambering on those kind of cliffs ... And crawling around exploring tide pools. Don't think we could do that so much any more, but I'd love to find this spot anyway. Man, you really do want to watch the tide tables though! Beautiful pictures. I can see why this place spoke to you!

aimee said...

Thanks--it really did! It's a fairly easy walk, although a bit long. LOL. Yep, those tide tables are definitely required reading when it comes to visiting some of my favorite beaches!
PS: Did you hear about our little storm? Should put all those nasty wildfires out:)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your photos are so beautiful as is your storytelling. That tree is such a picture of life!

aimee said...

Thank you! I really appreciate your comment:) Re: the tree. You are SO very right!

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