18 February 2014

Recent Journeys: Of Goats + Irish Magic

This past week was full of adventures spent with someone very dear to me...
Here are some photos from one of those adventures:)
After a yummy Dutch Baby pancake for breakfast
(eaten by a sunny window overlooking some pieris in BLOOM),
we had some time to kill before lunch at Kell's...
so we tracked down a historic house that is soon to be demolished
(more on that in another post),
after a bit of trial and error,
we tracked down some very famous goats...
well, famous here in NW Oregon that is!
These are the Belmont Goats and you can meet them here:
Very soon they will be moving to a new place in the Lents area of Portland. 
Aren't they simply adorable?
I definitely think so!
 I wish them very well in their new home--
happy grazing guys!
And then we were on to Kell's
where we celebrated a very early St. Patrick's Day.
After lunch, these two quarters and a dollar bill
 joined a lot of other dollar bills and quarters
already on the ceiling.
 All of this money will be collected soon
and given to charity.
(I LOVE that)
I know, I know...
you are asking yourself
"How does the money get UP there?"
 I am most positive you are also asking yourself,  
"How does the money stay UP there?"
Well, I will tell you the secret
 if you promise never, ever to reveal it to anyone... 
OK, I think I can trust you.
The secret...
according to our wonderful Kell's waitress that is
(and she is an expert on such things)
 is a little thing called
"Irish magic".
All I can say is Irish magic must be a very powerful thing because no money
 showered down on us while we were there...
Here is my very yummy meal of Irish lamb stew and soda bread!
Mmm! Makes me hungry just looking at it again...
and I just scarfed down a smoothie not that many hours ago.
I also had a bite of their most yummy Shepherd's Pie...
sooo good!
Makes it hard to decide what to cook for St. Patrick's Day when there are all these yummy choices!
Portland is known for many things...
gray skies,
(actually it is known for many other things, but I don't want this post to be TOO long) 
OK--I feel the need for another cute goat photo here...
Can you tell I really LOVE goats?
I wish I had brought my bigger camera though
(some how I couldn't see myself lugging it through the streets of downtown Portland though)
One last photo for today...
got to get some sleep you know:)
Have a great week!


Emma Pearce said...

Goats are sweet. I love their pointy faces and that stew looks delicious! It has made me hungry for stew and it is only 9:43am! Not dinner time yet :)

Linda W. said...

Your goat photos are so cute! I need to get over and see these guys. Even though I work in downtown PDX, I never get over to the east side.

Betsy said...

Hi Aimee!
Such a fun Portland post. I didn't know there are goats in Portland. I'll have to ask Mandy about them. St. Patrick's day already? Oh my! You are in a hurry for spring aren't you? I almost put out my shamrock garland but decided to wait another week or so. That Irish stew looks very tasty too.

Gracie Saylor said...

What fun! Going to downtown Portland is an adventure I have rarely taken, but I definitely enjoyed my armchair view of your day there, Aimee. I clicked on all your links and learned all sorts of interesting things, including some of the names of the Belmont Goats :) They are adorable! Thanks for posting xx

aimee said...

I agree totally! I LOVE their little faces and the ones I have met seem pretty friendly too:)
Now your comments have me all hungry for lamb stew again! :)

Thanks! You should pay them a visit, but do check and see if they have been moved first. When we visit Portland we usually visit the west side (including downtown) the most. However, I do have a weakness for Oak's Park and the Hawthorne District on the east side.

Thank you! Yep Portland is one very unique place:) We decided to do an early St. Patrick's Day celebration since my oldest son would not be here in March and we both LOVE Celtic food (actually we both LOVE almost any type of food).
I am eager for spring--this morning it 'felt' more like spring then winter to me, and I noticed that my daffodils are EVEN closer to blooming!
I am waiting for February to end also before decorating for St Patrick's Day, however I must admit to spending some time today looking for some decorations.

It truly was! I always enjoy seeing new things there but I hardly ever go there too. In the past, my son lived there and I also attended a church on the east side when I was younger. Today I don't spend much time there.
I am SO glad you enjoyed the links I included! I thought it was pretty neat learning the names of all the goats too:)

Willow said...

Aimee you know I am loving those cute little goats !!

Teresa Kasner said...

Aimee.. have I ever told you that we raised Nubian dairy goats for years? I've milked many a goat over the years and I love them a lot, too! One time we had 16 baby goats at once! That's a lot of cute! I was the 4H Dairy Goat leader for 5 years and we showed them at the Mult. Co. Fair. You sure know how to have a good time!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I knew you would :)

That is SO neat! Sometime you should post photos (if you have any) so I can ooh and ah over them:)
I would love to have some goats--we have enough land to do so, but I think my DH would cast a 'no' vote.

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