29 November 2013


Every year I write up detailed plans for celebrations...
from the menu to the décor and the dinnerware,  
it's all there in black and white
(or blue depending on what pen I am using--LOL)
But, for the last several years, real life has stepped in
and the detailed plans have all had to be put aside in favor of something much simpler.
This year was no exception--
it all started with a sick dog.
I will spare you the details,
but suffice it to say that I am extremely thankful for the lovely invention of pee pads right now
and a bathroom that has vinyl flooring.
Sigh. Small furry one is not a happy camper right now and
 may have to be seen by a Vet tomorrow...
Aimee not feeling so well right now either--
but no doctor visit needed thankfully
(and there are lots of leftovers so no need to cook for hubby today if I don't feel better).
Decoration plans were changed...
no time to rummage through the storage cabs and containers with everything going on--
the end result was not exactly what was first envisioned but it was colorful--
and contained for the first time REAL aspen leaves --
(photo below)
And, did you see?
Sunshine on Thanksgiving Day!

Decorations done, cleaning finished;
menu pared down more--
and the prep of the 'bird' began...
a cold shower,
a search for any hiding 'parts'...
oven bag and cast iron skillet ready
(LOVE cast iron).
And then--
the DH decides NOW is a good time to do pond maintenance,
which will, of course, require Aimee's participation 
Turkey will have to wait for seasoning but bird is at least in the oven.
Hubby takes a walk into a very icy pond;
Aimee takes a walk into the very dirty, cobweb covered greenhouse...
Two pond filters off line, maintenance complete and cooking resumes.
Turkey pulled for seasoning; 
timer reset.
So thankful for modern ovens, hot water, refrigerators, supermarkets,
a nice warm car and dry weather!

And so it went.
But that is what we do.
We don't give up;
we keep going
and we count our blessings as we do so,
because no matter how trying our circumstances are,
we all have blessings in our lives.
Yes, we certainly do.
So thankful to hear from ALL three of my children today
(miss you though).
"Behold, now, another providence of God..."
From Plymouth Plantation
(William Bradford)
I think back to my forefathers and how they crossed the sea to come to a new world.
I recall how they didn't give up when faced with hardship, sickness,
death, hunger, deprivation and loss.
Instead they prayed at all times
and gave thanks for God's never ending Providence.
Providence that came in the form of a safe ocean crossing,
Providence that came in the form of help offered from the Native American population.
No, they weren't perfect people,
but they were definitely a people of faith--
and that got them through their days--
both those that were good
and those that appeared to be very bad.
And, even though times have changed dramatically since those early days in Plymouth,
we I can learn a lot from following their example.

Ah! A wishbone--
can't let this little tradition slip by...
(wishing, wishing...)
And this one time I will share my wish with you,
because my wish is for YOU+
I wish for you --
joy in times of trouble,
serenity in times of stress,
peace in times of anxiety and change,
love to comfort you in times of loss
blessings always.
This year's pared down and changed decorations--
a mixture of real autumn leaves (dried) and not so real.
pine cones, dried flowers, candles, ornamental corn and more.
Fiesta (made in USA by Homer Laughlin China Company) dinnerware--
LOVE it:)
Corn on the cob plates
 (made in the USA--these were my mom's)
Lace cloth napkins
(with flatware inside).


Linda W. said...

Your decorations are nice! I didn't have any (not my thing). But I did have both kids home for the holiday and that's all the decoration my home needs! :) Have a great weekend! (And hope your dog is feeling better)

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh dear.. sorry you had a rough time with your dog. I'm glad your dinner was a success. Enjoy your weekend!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Dottie said...

Loved your post. Have been a blog reader for some time but never commented. Thank you for your "wish" and would like to wish you the same.

aimee said...

Thanks! You are most kind to say that. I always want to bring the outdoors in--so maybe next year I will more completely succeed in that.
That is AWESOME! Both kids is indeed all a home needs for the holidays!
Wishing you a great weekend also--and thanks, she is doing better today:)

Yea, it was a bit rough, but she seems to be better today and we are continuing a diet of rice and turkey before gradually putting her back on a regular diet.
Yep, dinner (and leftovers) was yummy:)
Hope you have a good weekend also:)

Thank you SO much for taking time to leave a comment! I always enjoy hearing from visitors and I am always very happy to hear when someone is blessed by a post! Wishing you an awesome weekend:)

Becky L. said...

Glad you had a good day, even with pond maintenance! Hope you are feeling better. Yes, it was sunny but chilly. Today was quite different and interesting weather is coming. Take care.

aimee said...

Thank you! The pond maintenance was a good thing just not great timing:)
I am feeling better-thanks! Yep, definitely cold and getting colder. Today I wore mittons, a hat and jacket for our playtime at the beach.
Keep safe and warm!

Terri Buster said...

I'm glad your day was wonderful, and your decorations and table look perfect. Happy Thanksgiving!

aimee said...

Ah, thanks! That is very sweet of you to say:) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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