29 November 2013

Black Friday vs. Beach Friday

Some celebrate 'Black Friday'.
I choose to celebrate 'Beach Friday'
with lots of... 
 'Lake Friday'.

A little 'Food Overlooking the Bay Friday'...

and some 'Playing at the Park Friday'.

Topped off with a  bit of 'Pretend Princess Friday'

It was a great way to usher in the coming Christmas season and we were not alone in our celebrations
(although we were the only ones playing in the sand at the lake).
There were also people celebrating
'Fishing Friday',
'Boating Friday',
'Beachcombing Friday'
and there was even
one person celebrating
'waterskiing Friday'!
How did you celebrate 'Black Friday'?
Have a blessed weekend!
Central Oregon Coast today:)


Teresa Kasner said...

I have never once gone shopping on Black Friday and have an aversion to the whole idea of it. So, I'm glad you did something way more wholesome. Enjoy the weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Becky L. said...

I went to Trader Joes then to Costco and came home the back way to stay out of the traffic mess by the outlet mall! Sigh! Beach would have been fun as well. Glad you had a good day!

Betsy said...

We didn't do "Black Friday" either. We spent the day t home with the kids and Grandkids watching it snow and playing board games. It would have been nice to be at the coast, but this was a close second. :-). I'm glad you had a great day.

Gracie Saylor said...

Good for you, Aimee! We actually had our Thanksgiving gathering on Friday. It was lovely.
Blessings on you and yours. I hope you have a happy weekend :)
Gracie xx

Terri Buster said...

I did my very best to avoid the stores, but I had to pick up a few groceries...thankfully my local store was not bad at all. I would much rather have had a mountain drive Friday, or a veg out on the couch and watch Christmas movies on Hallmark Friday! Your princess is adorable!

Linda W. said...

I like your tradition! Sadly, my daughter was home and wanted to hit the Black Friday sales early that morning. Although not my preferred way to spend the day, I did get some nice quality time with my daughter.

Sam said...

My dad worked. Bought a couple of steaks. I went for walks with my friend (daily doggy walker) Chris. Oh and we got a little piece of steak too. Yum.

aimee said...

I used to do the Black Friday thing--a little, but have not done it in quite awhile and now avoid it like the plague:) I know some people feel they need to because of finances and that's OK with me, I just prefer to do family things--especially when they bring me outdoors!
I hope you are having a great weekend wish lots more family time!

Did you get the free Costco cookbook? A friend of ours showed it to me--yummy! I am glad you got your shopping done that you wanted to AND didn't get caught in the traffic jam there:)
Thanks! The beach was fun (we were at another one today) but cold--we must have made quite a sight playing in the sand--LOL.
Wishing you a great weekend also!

Thanks! Sounds like you had a fabulous day too--snow, family, board games--perhaps a warm fire...sounds wonderful!!!
Have a great, snowy weekend! Did you hear we 'might' see a snowflake or too also?

Thanks!! It was great:)
I LOVE the concept of celebrating thanks-giving on Black Friday!! That is terrific! Hope you got lots more photos of baby girl and wishing you a joy filled weekend also!

We think she's kind of cute too:) :)
I am glad your didn't get caught in a crowded store! I am hoping to not have to get groceries till Monday--but we will probably be very sick of leftovers by then. LOL.
Your area is SO beautiful--I hope you get your mountain drive soon! I hope to see some Christmas movies soon too--I love It's A Wonderful Life and so many more!
Have a great Sunday!

Thank you--I hope we can make it a yearly tradition:) Ah! Spending time with family is the important thing--whether outdoors or shopping!
Did you hear about the coming snow? I am hoping you get your wish and can ski soon:)
Have a great day tomorrow!

Ah, I bet you missed him Sam but those steaks he bought (and then shared with you) sound totally yummy! Your walk sounds like a great thing to do too! Maybe I need a people walker to get me outside everyday:)

Lorrie said...

I love these options for that particular Friday. So much more meaningful, fun, entertaining and worthwhile.

aimee said...

I DO too! Thanks for visiting and stay warm!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We went beach combing too... or shelling as it's known here in Florida. ...I have never shopped on that day and plan to keep that record intact as long as I live! Whoever that was who went waterskiing in November up there was a very brave soul! Sounds like you had a great time with your granddaughter ,

aimee said...

Yippee! Best way possible to spend that day IMO:)
I agree---he (or she) was a very, very brave soul...brrr!
PS: Yea on adding another year of no shopping to your record!

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