26 August 2013

Last Week + Family Introductions: Pt I

You can feel it now, at night especially--autumn is in the air and has even left it's beautiful mark on a few leaves. And as I see the leaves turn red and yellow, and as I feel a bit of chill in the night air, my heart is filled with a happy anticipation for what is to come--because the beauty of autumn overwhelms me (in a very good way)!
But, even though signs of fall are growing around me, the calendar says we still have about a month of summer to go...and so there is still time to enjoy summer pastimes
 (while making autumn dreams).
Last week we made a trip to Mt Angel and Silverton to get some great German sausage
(photos later)
and then...
Last weekend we were blessed by getting to take BOTH of our granddaughters
 on a last minute coast, forest, mountain, farm, valley trip...
You've already met our youngest granddaughter...
but now I have the pleasure,
the very great pleasure,
of introducing you to her totally awesome sister,
our oldest granddaughter!
Aren't they beautiful?
They are BOTH such blessings
and so much fun to be with!
Our oldest granddaughter is just THE BEST with her youngest sister too:)
On our little excursion all of us,
including older sis,
 worked on lesson 2 of teaching little one to swing by herself--
and she is slowly learning how.
Look at the determination in her face!
She WILL master it soon I know.
In the valley
we passed by this incredible field,
and the golden light was SO beautiful...
can someone please remind me next time to bring lens cleaner
and a wipe?
Oh and roll down the window...
yep all those little things one forgets in the excitement of the moment!
I never tire of seeing the fields of the valley--
watching them being tilled,
crops growing in them,
and, yep, after harvest too.
Farming amazes me!
On our trip we also had the pleasure of stopping by for another pony ride
at the same place as before!
There the two young ladies again helped us
(they are totally AWESOME with young kids)
little one had her second pony/horse ride;
older sis her very FIRST!!!
Afterwards one of the girls took time to show us one of their baby bunnies--
see how cute his (or her) little paw is?
And those little ears?
SO very precious and all of us treated this new life as such.
Thank you ladies!!!
We always include some forest time if we can...
I am beginning to love the coast more and more,
but I will ALWAYS  love the mountains of the PNW
(and everywhere else)!
Fun at the lake--
we love the lake and the great park there!
This was shot during the water fight...
Papa (AKA Farmer Boy) loves a good water fight,
especially when the kids aren't expecting it
(oh yes, the girls love it too)
The beach, of course, is always--
always fun and it's especially fun in the fog
(you know how much I LOVE fog)
it was very magical there this time,
 slightly obscuring the seagulls and kids in the water.
Made for some great, fun photos--
Have a great day!
August 2013--Oregon
at various locations on the central coast, coast range and valley.
A BIG thank you to the ladies of the pony ride place
who have made our  last 2 trips there wonderful!
Hope to see you again before the riding season ends:)
I apologize for not knowing the name of their place,
but it is past Grande Ronde and just before you make a climb over the coast range--
maybe 10-15 minutes before the rest area on Highway 18??
They are usually opened on weekends-for awhile yet.


Becky L. said...

oh dear girl, you were in my neck of the woods again. Maybe you should stop by the hardware store where I work next time and see me, I work four days a week! Love your adorable granddaughters and so glad you had a fun time with them. Our granddaughter is trying to learn how to swing herself as well. All it takes is practice! I'm enjoying the cooler weather and rain as well. Going on a walk in a bit and hope it doesn't rain on us like it did last night and shortened our walk alot! Hugs!

Linda W. said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful! So nice that you got to spend time with them and do so many great things.

by Teresa said...

You are so lucky to have your gd's near. I bet you had a wonderful time with them. They are just adorable! I have some news that I will be posting tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Hi Aimee!
Such a wonderfully happy post. Your granddaughters are both beautiful girls who look VERY happy to be with Grandpa & Grandma. How wonderful to be able to spend happy days with them. Thank you for taking us along with you.

aimee said...

We sure were and meeting you there might be the best way as a lot of my daytrips are spur of the moment.
I'm very happy to see some rain and really hoping it will help the firefighters get things under control!
Thanks for your sweet comment:)

Thank you so much--we happen to be totally in love with them:)
Have a great day--looking forward to your next post.

Thank you-we do feel blessed to be able to spend time with them right now. I hope your news is good...

We all enjoy getting together...next time you are down at our coast, you will be surprised at what they have done to the beach there:)

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