28 August 2013

After the Showers

I awoke this morning to a beautiful sight...
a wet deck
(give me a few months and it won't be as beautiful).
It wasn't too long thereafter that the thought of raindrops on roses and leaves
brought me outside to partake of the blessings of the garden.
A stroll by the Shiro plum again had me thinking--
what can I do with all these???
After all, a girl and her guy can only eat SO much.

Another part of the garden brought me by one of my unofficial rain gauges...
I know you won't believe my other 'rain gauge' is a laundry basket I sometimes leave outside
(along with some laundry).

I sometimes see things that don't belong on other things...
like hearts in clouds
and this rooster/chicken on an apple.
PLEASE tell me YOU see things like that too...
Happily it looks like we will have a good apple harvest this year...
Granny Smith, Liberty and other apples.

There you go...
raindrops on roses.
And you thought it was just lyrics to a song...
Just what I LOVE to see...
a rhododendron blooming in late summer.
All us PNW people love our rhodies...
well at least this PNW person does:)
 Other unexpected blessings this summer were ferns and lavender we didn't plant:)
Oh and one, exactly one, sunflower!

Well it's time to go and check the, hopefully dry now, laundry
and get it safely inside
before we get another round of 'blessings'.
I leave you with a final photo of our crocosmia...
Blessings on this special day,
Another question:
In addition to how to use lots and lots of Shiro and Satsuma plums
(both Japanese plums), any ideas on what to do with a lot of Asian pears?


Linda W. said...

Yeah - we have the same asian pear problem. Loved the rain we've had the past couple of days! Your flowers are gorgeous.

Willow said...

Those Shiro Plumbs sure look good Aimee.Love seeing that rooster o the apple ! Yup I see it and the clouds ...we they are just always playing Sharades in the sky :)

by Teresa said...

Oh my, those golden orange plums look delish! My mom would make plum jam out of those. Plum butter. Plum pie or tarts. That's a start! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sam said...

Hi Aimee, yes we see those things too. Rain is good. We're up the street from you and it's been pretty dry up here as well. Your fruit sure looks good. Maybe we could have some together one day. Until then, let God splash a little rain on you. :)

aimee said...

They're great for eating fresh, but my sister-in-law was unable to make fruit sauce from them...I am hoping our deer, raccoons and all other wildlife visitors decide they need to help us out:)
PS: Thanks for the compliment! I hope we have some good hiking weather left for you--you need to wean me really, really slowly off all those wonderful hikes you take!

Yea! It's GREAT to know someone else sees those things too:)
I love our Shiro plums, but some of them are a little bit too ripe for my taste--of course I have a thing for sour fruit--I used to suck on lemons when I was younger.
PS: I think I'll always remember your comment now whenever I see clouds.

Yippee! Some things to make out of our bountiful plum crop! Of your mom's list, I think plum butter and plum tarts sounds the best (at least today) and I bet I could make the plum butter in my crock pot. Thanks!

I knew YOU would! Our dog friends are SO smart--sometimes I wish I could talk with them...oh wait, I am:)
Yikes--you need some rain too if you are pretty dry there. Hope you get some soon!
The fruit is yummy--sometimes my hubby gives the furry ones bites of it! As you can see, we have plenty to go around--the furry ones would say mom went a little bit crazy with the whole mini orchard/fruit thing.

Betsy said...

Yum! Your yard looks so beautiful. Mandy was talking to me on her way to work this morning as she was driving on I-205 through Oregon City, (yes, she has a blue tooth). I often talk her through her sometimes looonnnng commutes through Portland. :-) She said it was really lightening a lot and the rain was pouring down. We also could use a few more good rains here in Spokane.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

aimee said...

Thank you! Oh yes--I-205 can be quite awful during rush hour as can portions of I-5! I need to learn how to set up Bluetooth on my car too, now that I have a phone that has it:)
The rain has been a BIG blessing-the entire west needs it, especially in our notoriously drier areas.

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