27 May 2013

Memorial Day 2013: A Visit to Willamette National Cemetery

He was young,
just in the prime of his life,
when he died in a nation far from family and friends.
I never knew him,
but his photo and life's story touched me then,
and has continued to do so over the years.
I think of his family on days like this and
I wonder about his mom
and how she is doing this Memorial Day weekend;
I wonder how one continues to live when something
as precious, as priceless
 as a son or daughter is taken from you?
I think of her now as I lay flowers on her son's grave and
as I kneel silently besides this, his final resting place,
touching my fingers to my lips and then to his marker.
A bouquet of roses, lavender, Lady's Mantle and an iris fresh from our garden
seems like such a small gift for one who gave his all in service to our country,
but it is all I have brought with me today--
besides tears and a hurting heart.
It is a gift for that one mom too-
a tangible sign that someone remembers her son and his sacrifice;
it is a gift that has been laying in my heart for many years
 and at last it is laying where it belongs...
where I have so longed for it to be.
Some in my ancestral line and extended family have known
 (and still know)
the loss of a loved one from war.
Fathers who left children way too soon in the Civil War and in World War II;
families forever changed in that horrible moment of time.
This day used to be just a holiday to me...
just another day off of school or work;
it no longer is;
it no longer can be. 
Bless those who have lost a loved one in war.
Give them strength, healing, comfort and peace as they go daily about their lives.
Draw them closer to you on this day and forevermore.
And Lord,
please keep our Armed Forces safe and grant them peace soon;
grant our world peace too.
In the Name of Jesus,
Willamette National Cemetery
May 26, 2013


by Teresa said...

Lovely images and sentiments. My dad and my husband both had close calls in WWII and Vietnam. I'm just glad Dad came home or I would not be here and if my hubby hadn't escaped with his life I'd not have my 3 kids. Things to think about. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thank you. I hope it honors the young men I meant to honor by it.
I am GLAD your dad came home too and also your DH because you have an awesome family:)
Have a blessed Memorial Day...looks like the rain has slowed down--a bit.

Betsy said...

Amen and Amen. Thank you Amiee for your beautiful words. Too many lives lost and too many go on about their lives today without giving a thought to those who gave their very lives so they can live those lives.

aimee said...

Thank you. Yes, I used to be one of them...I think, for some people, the loss of lives have to affect them in some personal way before they realize the sacrifice that has been given for us and others.
Have a blessed evening,
PS: I hope you are enjoying time at your beautiful lake:)

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