01 October 2012


Sometimes a path turns out to be a very, very bad choice.
My path in the last 2 years has not been easy.
Serious house problems
(fear, stress, uncertainty, loss of a dream),
my mom's terminal condition and subsequent death
(grief, loss),
dad's health issues and need for care
(stress, care and family issues),
problems my kids and grandkids were facing
(when they hurt or are in a dangerous situation you hurt too),
world and national events
(where do I begin on this one?),
and more added up to make some really distressing times for me
and finally a feeling of hopelessness
(which wasn't like me).
This weekend
 it dawned on me that I had gotten SO totally focused on the bad
(and some things were truly BAD)
the challenges,
the struggles,
that I was forgetting--to some degree--all the good,
the positives in my life,
the blessings
that God has given me;
that He is still giving me.
So it is time to change my focus...
and yesterday I began to do so.
This is the Horseshoe trestle and I really did want to walk across it...
good thing I changed my mind, huh?
Along the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, Upper Nehalem Valley.


Grayseasailor said...

I am cheering you on, Aimee :) The stresses and loss that you describe are familiar to me too, even though I know our experiences are uniquely our own. I am glad that you are exercising positive change in your thinking and I appreciate all the beauty and interesting subjects you have shared in your past posts...and yes, in my opinion it is a very good thing you did not walk across that trestle :) xx from Gracie

by Teresa said...

I'm glad you're going to focus on the positive.. I'm going to start making some journal entries of happy things like Gracie. Maybe you should do that?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I think what you said is quite true and appreciate your comment! I started today by thanking God for the good He surrounds me with-which today was the biggest blue dragonfly I think I've ever seen:)
Thank you too for your sweet comment about my posts!
PS: I am still a little tempted to walk up TO the top of the trestle, but no way am I ever going to step foot on it!

aimee said...

I think that is a good idea! I am going to start incorporating a thankful thought into my regular journal:)

aimee said...

Gracie + Teresa~
Thank you both for your support in this change and for all the very kind, supportive comments you have given me over the past:)
Blessings always,

Sophie said...

Hi Aimee
I came across your blog via the lovely Gracie and I just wanted to say how I loved reading back over your posts.
We have all been there when life just jumps up and grabs you and it is hard to see a positive sometimes I know. But by focusing on the present moment at any one time, it can help.
We are all wishing you the very best of luck in that focus change you talked about. I know I have to ground myself and do it often to stay sunny and somedays I'm not going to lie, it beats me.
I personally loved Gracie's little trick - her small diary in which she rights something she is grateful or thankful for on that day and which made her happy.
she posted about it on her blog recently.

Best wishes

aimee said...

Hi, Sophie!
Thank you SO much for these words...your advice and sharing from your personal experience encouraged me!
Last night I made a 'thankful' entry in my journal and I have already made another entry for today. I've also tried to limit my TV (politics, news--sigh) and listen to more uplifting music/talk.
Thank you again:)
PS: I will try to visit you soon...have to cook dinner for a very hungry husband that will be home soon.

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