03 October 2012

Of Fruit, Veggies + Those Wonderful Food Bloggers

I am NOT a food blogger...nope!
I leave that up to the very talented Ree, Cathy, Erin, Anne + others:)
But I really DO enjoy cooking
(sometimes more than others)
and I especially like to try new things...
last week it was an apple pie
made from our very own heirloom and some other apples,
a roasted veggie salsa.
By the way, did you notice the TERRIBLE lighting in our kitchen?
It is reason #1 why I am happy to NOT be a food blogger
and reason # 365 why I would love to have a skylight there
(alas my husband hates skylights...
they leak he points out, being a practical man). 
Reason #2 for not being a food blogger...
well the photo above is only showing you part of the apple pie on purpose 
(it has to do with Aimee not following the exact directions for the pie crust
and--perhaps--letting it brown a wee bit too much in areas).
But even if  the pie didn't look perfect,
it was very, very tasty
and the overly browned areas--
well they provided me with a quick snack before dinner.
The salsa, too, was heavenly--
the scent of roasting garlic, peppers, sweet onion and tomatoes
 filled the air of the countryside and our home with sweet cooking love...
but peeling the poblano chile pepper--
well that is reason #3 I am happy to leave food blogging to others.
 I am quite comfortable with my decision NOT to be a food blogger...
and VERY, VERY grateful to those that are for all the inspiration they give me:)
On the 'to do' list for this week-
an apple crostada
and possibly a pumpkin baking mix I've had for awhile.
I am still working on building up courage to make my first biscotti--
I bought one at a farm store this summer that was quite heavenly and
 I am determined to somehow recreate it.
What's on your cooking to-do list?
See my bloglist to the right for food bloggers I follow--love them all!


by Teresa said...

You are so brave to make an apple pie. I want to make one but just haven't done it.. my mom was renowned for her delicious pies. I won't be able to comment for a week.. see you when I get back. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Ah, not so brave! I used a premade pie crust that was recommended by Cathy of Wives With Knives (one of the food bloggers I follow); the filling wasn't premade though and was good. I think you should try it!

Have a great time--I'll be thinking of you:)


PS: My mom made good pies too--my favorite was her "yokenberry" pie. I have no idea if this was her own original creation or not, but recently I found it (or at least the ingredients for the filling) in her handwriting in one of her recipe books!

Grayseasailor said...

Well, thanks to your blogging, I have a bee in my bonnet to put apples in a slow cooker all day with plenty of cinnamon so that our house smells fabulous and we end up with applesauce...are you sure you are not a food blogger, Aimee (: xx from Gracie

aimee said...

Then I have done well...but now your comment makes me remember the wonderful fragrance of apples + cinnamon that filled my house--where shall this lead me? LOL!
No, not a food blogger! Maybe a food-lover blogger though:)

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