10 October 2012

Birthday Journeys

 My first birthday trip brought me west...
up into our coast range,
along creeks and rivers
and to a favorite restaurant.
 And it also brought me to one of my favorite beaches--
where my hubby and I shared some sweet childhood memories
and later made new ones in a mountain valley he had never been to.
 And then last week brought us here--
just because we're still having beautiful autumn weather
and are trying to savor every minute of it before our REAL autumn begins.
 But yesterday,
well yesterday's journey brought me west again--
to a place I consider the 'WEST',
gorgeous central Oregon...
land of sagebrush + juniper,
rivers, lakes + waterfalls,
mountains + buttes. 
And also,
land of past memories,
family ties,
a real feeling of the 'Old West'
and ASPEN--beautiful, wonderful, unforgettable aspen.
It was a great place to celebrate another year;
it was a great place to remember.
And later this week,
IF blogger photo upload cooperates...
I will share some of my trip with you.
And if blogger doesn't cooperate?
Well I am considering some changes:(
friendly cat at Camp 18--
a very well known restaurant in Elsie.
Fort Stevens--Peter Iredale Beach.
Somewhere along the central Oregon coast
(OK, I know where but I am keeping it a secret for now)


Grayseasailor said...

We lived in Nederland, CO for a little over 2 years and I especially loved seeing the Rockies with golden veins of Aspens shimmering on the mountainsides in the Fall.
xx from Gracie

kathy b said...

I LOVE the cat picture!

aimee said...

Hi, Kathy B~
I just had a chance to check out your blog and will be back in a moment to leave a comment or two!

I loved this cat photo too:) She (or perhaps he--I didn't check) kept my hubby company while I ran around snapping photos of everything pretty I could find...then she (or he) jumped up into her/his hiding place again blending in with the plants! Cats are SO smart:)

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.


aimee said...

I LOVE Colorado! I've never lived there but two of my ancestors did, and I've visited there quite a few times. And aspen? Well they are one of my most favorite trees and 2days ago I was walking through a grove of them and thanking God for the chance to do so!

aimee said...

Did you ever visit Gold Hill, the one above Boulder?

Grayseasailor said...

hmmmmm my brain remembereth not, but Nederland is 17 miles west of Boulder up in the Rockies. I need to go check a map...
xx from Gracie

aimee said...

Nederland is southwest of Gold Hill. I am wondering if we went through it on the way back down out of Gold Hill...

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