11 October 2012

Back to the West: Central Oregon

We left before sunrise on our adventure back to the "west".
After a quick stop (and then a quick return) to a favorite stop by a lake,
we arrived at our first major destination--
the Short Covered Bridge.
I, as usual,
was dressed appropriately for the FROSTY weather in the mountains--
barefoot and wearing summer clothes.
But great lighting on a beloved covered bridge
 can make one do strange things,
even when one has bare feet.
I now know just how  freezing COLD a covered bridge's surface really is
on a frosty autumn morn.
My friend, being more practical in nature and dressed suitably for the weather
will never know such things.

Slightly before the bridge,
where my feet froze BUT I got the photo I wanted,
we passed a camp and this little 'western' town.
I have NO idea of its importance or use,
but I loved it:)
Alas, the lighting was not quite as wonderful here,
but still you have to grab a photo when something is this neat.
On our way again,
we passed by lots and lots (dare I say again?) lots of trees
and I took many photos--
but unfortunately our car window showed the evidence of many a
 bug's demise limiting the ones I will post here.
But you get the idea, right?
Beauty, amazing color, blue skies, miles and miles of evergreens,
cold mountain rivers, great vistas...
And then came the area hit by fires in years gone by...
still amazing autumn color,
blue skies
and some evergreens...
but it was SO painful to see the devastation that only a forest fire can bring
(deep sad sigh inserted here)
I was hoping there would be more recovery by this time,
having been in this area with my parents some years ago-
alas it was not to be.
And then,
after lava, a couple of mountain lakes, more areas of fire damage, amazing views..
we arrived at our next destination
Sisters, Oregon
and one of the BEST coffee shops ever!!
But, alas again, I must bid you farewell,
for the hubby will soon be home
he likes to eat dinner when he gets here.
Imagine that?


by Teresa said...

Another fun adventure for you, Aimee. Love the photos, all of them, but especially the covered bridge. You're right, the light is fantastic in that one! We're home from Ohio.. happy to be home. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Welcome back! It's great to hear from you:)
Thank you so very much for your kind comment--it was a fantastic, though way too short, trip!

Grayseasailor said...

Yes, I especially like the light on the bridge, too, Aimee. It was worth getting cold feet :) Thanks!
xx from Gracie

aimee said...

Yep! Although next time I might take 2 seconds to, at least, pull on some socks...but then again, probably not:)

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