23 October 2012

Back to the West: Central Oregon Pt IV

Back to "the West"... 
 I know I've already shown you some photos of Drake Park in downtown Bend,
but I LOVED it there! The geese and ducks were very, very entertaining ---
especially when they were 'bottoms up' looking for food under the water.
It was SO wonderful to be able to walk along a peaceful river and watch the wildlife swim by:)
A beautiful view of the mountains from near the top of one of the buttes in Bend
and the gorgeous autumn colors that we saw up there too! Such a different world from the western valleys of Oregon and western Washington--both beautiful, both unique! 
 Ok---I know we are going back...but I REALLY, REALLY like geese and parks:) 
I know you've already seen this if you are seeing this in October...
but I wanted to be able to see this photo when I change my header.
This is an area we passed on our way to see the headwaters (underground springs) of the Metolius River. The headwaters are located not too far off the main highway and it is a very, very peaceful area with a paved, not too long path you can take to get to a large viewing deck near the river--not as near as I would have liked (I would have changed to my zoom lens had I known) but definitely worth a trip! I was back to barefeet again by this point:)
And last --
at least for this post...
along the Deschutes River Trail
near the Aspen Grove (at Aspen Day Use area).
one can never see too many rivers or too many trees don't you think?
And now--time for a quick snack and then off to bed.
It is going to be a very, very busy week..
Drake Park (1, 3)
A scenic drive up a butte
Metolius River area
Deschutes River Trail
(at Aspen Day Use area) 


Grayseasailor said...

It is wonderful to have wilderness areas we can explore more easily than when Lewis and Clark first explored the territory! I just watched an enactment of some of their adventures. which helps me appreciate your lovely photos all the more:). Xx from Gracie

by Teresa said...

More fun travels with you.. great photos, too. We're sure enjoying the beach! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I agree although the history lovin' me would like to go back to the days of my pioneer forefathers at times--even though a day trip to central Oregon would not have been possible by horseback:)
SO wish I had seen the same program as you on Lewis and Clark!

aimee said...

GLAD you are having such a great time at the beach! I hope to get caught up with your travels as soon as this unsettled weather settles down a bit (I tend to have reception problems at certain times).
Thanks for stopping by!

c said...

Central Oregon is so beautiful in the fall. I love the drive from Portland, by Detroit Dam,then through Sisters to Redmond. The campgrounds there are wonderful.

aimee said...

Hello my blogger friend "C"--
Been thinking about you today...
I agree! Central Oregon at this time of the year is gorgeous--the only thing I would have liked to see is more color in the aspen leaves and a little more snow on the mountains!
Yes, Highway 22 in that area is quite pretty. This year we traveled east on Highway 20 (via Foster) and west on Highway 22 so we got the best of both worlds.
I will have to keep in mind about the campgrounds there...

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