18 October 2012

Back to the West: Central Oregon--Pt III

I love many trees: maples, evergreens, fruit trees (especially in spring during blossom time) and more. But there is ONE tree that I am especially fond of, especially at this time of the year, and that is the Quaking Aspen. Yes, I long to see their beautiful white bark and wearing their autumn gold finery at this time of the year. And I long to see them because they remind me of some of my forefathers who lived high in the Rocky Mountains.

So, along with seeing my beautiful niece, the call of the aspen brought me east of the Cascades this year...
 to walk among them
to listen to their call
to touch that wonderful white bark.
LOVE aspen...
and I just found out there may be some close by:)
The photo above was taken by my wonderful niece.
She, knowing I love aspen, went on a 'treasure' hunt for them
and then sent me a whole lot of photos!
Isn't she the greatest?
LOVE you dear niece!
Other things:
Well a comment by someone got me searching for my own 'treasure' this week...
a treasure of heritage (family history) so I have been busy 'diggin' up that treasure,
thanks to the help of a wonderful woman (and fellow history lover).
It has also helped bring back some great memories of my mom and grandparents.
Yes, there is a reason for this post being so short--
besides being busy,
I continue to have problems uploading to it
and then sometimes it will say it's failed
so I try again to the same message,
only to find out it did upload BOTH times.
Any suggestions?
Any preference between blogger, wordpress and typepad?


by Teresa said...

Pretty trees. I only know Blogger and it's worked well for me. Wordpress looks kind of cool, though.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

They are gorgeous when you see a large group of them in all their autumn splendor! Unfortunately they were not at peak yet and were badly dehydrated because of our abnormal fall weather.

I love blogger--it is so easy to use but it has not worked well lately...I might check out Wordpress and see it is easier.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post, where is the rss? I cant find it!

aimee said...

Hi, Anonymous
Thank you for your comment! As you can probably tell, I am not totally familiar with all aspects of blogging...LOL.
I will research RSS and see if it is something I want to do. Thank you again for your comment, question and visit.

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