04 September 2012

Recent Events

Life has been a little busy lately:
a spur of the moment trip to a dahlia farm
and a (new-to-me) State Park.
A special trip for Elberta peaches
that led to BOTH peaches
and the elusive Gravenstein apples
we had been searching for:)
The harvesting of some of our heirloom apples
(alas I don't know their name--sigh)
A new family addition.
Another road trip to the Land of Linn
(LOVE that place)
and 3 covered bridges.
The chance discovery of an AMAZING historical museum
that my hubby
(who has seen many Washington DC and other museums)
called one of the best he's ever seen!
A visit to some of the locations where they filmed Stand By Me
(unfortunately it was a quick visit),
a trip along another scenic byway,
a root beer float at my fav drive-in
(the kind from my childhood; not a drive-up window!).
Sunny days,
a blue moon night over the mountains of rural Oregon,
traveling through -- at least -- 5 counties,
 a yummy blueberry peach scone from a farm bakery
and a homemade peach crisp
Tomorrow will be busy too with a whole lot of apples to be made into
apple pie filling,
apple butter
(or applesauce)
and maybe
(well who knows)...
What are you up to?
Photos + PNW Farm Info:
1) Swan Island Dahlia Farm--Canby, Clackamas County, OR
Their festival is over but the fields are still open to visitors.  
I will post new photos soon;
photos from 2010 can be found here:
You can find a link to their website there too.
LOVE this farm--a wonderful place to visit!
2) Ernst Horseshoe Lake Orchards--St. Paul, Marion County, OR
Yummy Elberta peaches and Gravenstein apples 
can be found here in a beautiful rural setting with lots of scenic views of
hops, roses, corn fields and even a historic State Park nearby.
***I am told they will have the peaches for about one more week
and apples for a bit longer than that.***
 I am still celebrating our wonderful FIND of Gravensteins!
Contact: 3118 Horseshoe Rd., St. Paul, OR
3) Land of Linn
(better known as Linn County)
Crawfordsville Covered Bridge,
Brownsville Museum
(love, love, love)--
more photos in a future post...
here is the museum's Facebook page
I can't get enough of this county, can you tell?
BTW--what do you think of the mixer?
LOVE artifacts from times past:)
4) French Prairie Gardens + Family Farm
Yummy baked goods--I am particularly fond of their blueberry-peach scone!
LOVE it when we are in this area:)
Here is their website:
Besides the yummiest baked goods, they have special events and much, much more...
LOVE the flowers beds in the front of the farm store!
Also coming soon will be the conclusion of my F.E.A.R. mountain trip...
I feel the need to rewrite it a bit.
As per my usual disclaimer--
I have no association with any of the farms mentioned here
 except I found them all great places to visit...:)


Grayseasailor said...

WOW!!! Aimee, such a wonderful list of busyness. I love the Swan Island farm, too, but have not been this year. I would like to be at your house tomorrow to smell the apples cooking :) The mixer is interesting, but looks like it may predate the one I remember my mom using. Thanks for posting all the good info!
xx from Gracie

aimee said...

I hope you will make it out to see the dahlias; I believe they are open till the end of this month. We went early in the day when the lighting and crowds weren't bad at all:)
Yea---I will be starting soon. I just found a recipe for making applesauce with the peels on so I might do that instead of apple butter because it's supposed to get pretty hot today and not peeling the apples will take less time.
Do you think the blender is from our grandmother's time?

by Teresa said...

Aimee.. you are so adventurous and are always on the go.. good for you! I'd like to go to the dahlia farm and get a big bouquet.. and some tubers. Thanks for sharing all you do. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thank you:) I do like to travel; grew up traveling and I LOVE exploring any place that is historical (I think we share that love--you and I).
I sincerely hope you get a chance to go to the dahlia farm--it is an amazingly beautiful place! The bouquet I got was $6 and I love it! They also have some other cut flowers there...

♥ Helen said...

I hope you have nice busy days :)

aimee said...

Thank you:)

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