21 August 2012

Another Day; Another Journey in Farmland

From late summer 2010---
(can you believe I haven't posted this?)
It seems like lately I am spending at least part of everyday in and around farms.
Today was no exception when our journey brought us to a wonderful farm which grows dahlias and one that I had been longing to see for a long, long time...
This is why I have been wanting to come.
Acres and acres, 40 to be exact, of every kind of dahlia you can imagine...
and ones you have never imagined:)
Here you will also find a beautiful memorial to a father.
One that, I am sure, was born out of love and planned with great care.
As the days pass by and as we draw ever closer to my mother's death, I can understand the desire to dedicate a portion of a beautiful garden to a parent. I thought this was a very fitting memorial.
A special moment for me was a hummingbird I found at the top of the memorial. How beautiful and amazing are the special moments we are blessed with in our life's journey.
And now ladies and gentlemen I give you some close ups...
I bet you are having a hard time deciding what one of my favorite colors is.
Yea, I know -- I am an open book.
At least sometimes,
when the place and time are right to be so.
Can you believe I took hundreds of photos while we were here
and then a lot more when we continued our explorations in nearby areas?
My friends and family are used to it.
They KNOW me well...
Oh BTW, today I made up a saying for a bumper sticker for people like me.
I am sure everyone who loves photography would buy one;
it made SO much sense:)
Please, please--
can I stay here,
eat here,
live here?
No, that is not the saying I made up today...
but I am thinking it right now.
But all good things must come to an end
and so we bid farewell to dahlia heaven--
at least for today:)
Blessings, Aimee
And so do you know what one of my favorite colors is and more importantly,
do you have a favorite color?
Photos taken at Swan Island Dahlias in Canby, Oregon. Here is their wonderful website: http://www.dahlias.com/
By the way, the Dahlia Festival is THIS WEEK at Swan Island;
that's right August 25th!
A BIG thank you to them for giving me permission to post these photos taken at their farm.
As per usual, I am not associated with the farm in  any way but
 I had a great time there and think you would too.
A special TY to Grandma Becky who helped kindle my desire to visit the farm...:)


Pa Ul said...

Your post is great to read. I was wondering why people have different colors of life but still I participated.

aimee said...

Welcome! I am glad you enjoyed this post:) I had a few moments before tasks to look over your blog--the colors you use in your artwork are quite nice! I will try to return as life permits me...

Grandma Becky said...

when are you going? did I miss you? You have been really close to me lately. Especially the Gallon horse covered bridge. We saw some sunflowers coming from Albany. They were near the edge of the field, inside the fence. So beautiful. Hugs. I enjoy your out and about photos!

aimee said...

Hey, Becky!
It is hard to say---some trips I plan way ahead and many are spur of the moment ones:) I still have some planned trips for your area-would love to visit Gallon House again (but earlier in the day when the lighting is better) and the covered bridge (Jordan?) in Stayton. I always enjoy trips up to the Abbey (so peaceful there) and want to go back to Silverton again--hubby was in a hurry to eat this time so our visit there was cut short.
I also would like to see the dahlias again this year--they are so amazing! I try to visit at times when they are not too busy and the lighting is good.
Ah!!! Sunflowers--I love them! Did you get any pictures?
PS: Glad you enjoyed the photos:)

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