27 May 2012

Syttende Mai: Parade From a Different Perspective

Ah! The wonder of a parade!
Here are a few photos from the very unique and most wonderful 2012 Syttende Mai parade...
 A robot boy--a most talented dancing robot boy!
(and behind him one of the most wonderful vintage cars)
 The great and very entertaining marching band kept us tapping our toes!
A lot of the beautiful Norwegian flag--
carried by boys and girls;
men and women;
and on cars! 
Here are a couple more of the vintage cars --
I LOVE vintage cars!
At one point we owned a 1949 car...
I didn't care for it much then;
how time changes ones perspective:)
 This was a true cultural celebration...
but it was also a neighborhood get together where one was invited to join,
if they would like,
in the day's festivities!
A large amount of bunads--which come in all different patterns
(for more on bunads I would invite you to visit My Little Norway
and Britt-Arnhild's blogs).
Everyone looks so wonderful in their bunads--
look at the wonderful detail in her skirt and apron!
I never get tired of looking at them.
 Oh a little parade goer...
this is cuteness indeed!
I love the little pacifier accessory!
Yep, it was one of the best parades ever... 
 I am SO happy to have been able to go!


Sadly, the mournful laptop blues are still being sung at our house
but I have managed a few things online.
And now--the BIG test...
pressing 'publish' now:)


Grayseasailor said...

So nice to hear from you again, and I enjoyed the parade pictures! The station wagon with the wooden panels reminds me of one our family had early in my childhood.
Sorry you have been having computer issues, and hope that they are resolved(: Gracie <3

aimee said...

Hi, Grace!
TY-it's nice to be able to post again, but things are still not back to normal at all.
Very happy to hear that you liked the parade photos--I loved it there! Your family had a Woody? How neat! I really liked seeing all the vintage cars. I'm becoming quite nostalgic about my childhood lately:)
Have a good Memorial Day.
Blessings, Aimee

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