30 May 2012

Guess What Season It Is?

If you said spring...
you'd be correct.
And if you said Rose Festival season...
you'd be right too.
as all of us know---
the best part of this time of year is...
 it is
 the beginning of
our LOCAL strawberry season!
Oh, yea:)

And what do I plan to do with all this strawberry sweetness?
1) rinse and eat (done)
2) rinse and eat more (soon)
3) make these wonderful, delectable, yummy fresh strawberry muffins ASAP

 I will add a little lemon zest
(because I adore lemons),
use raw sugar
(because I LOVE that stuff)
and add--
a teeny. tiny bit of extra milk
(if I think it needs it).

But I won't overfill the muffin tins
(even though my oven could use a good cleaning again).

OK, locals and others---
what is the first thing you will do with the first ripe berries from your area?

And now to eatin'


Nancy's recipe is highly rated by many (and I mean many) people;
if you are looking for a fresh strawberry muffin recipe, I KNOW you'll like hers!
I know I do:)


♥ Helen said...

Strawberries - i love strawberries, for me it taste summer.

by Teresa said...

Oh wow, those berries are red! I can't wait for them to be available here. Thanks for the recipe, I printed it up. I have a muffin each morning with my coffee but haven't found the perfect recipe.. I'll try this!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grayseasailor said...

Mmmmmm those do look so good. I have yet to buy local strawberries!A terrible oversight I can see.

But we have been getting strawberries and having them plain, on salad or with icecream.

My next project is to cook some with a little honey, applesauce and then put some torn up basil leaves stirred in before letting them cool into jam.

aimee said...

I totally agree! I can hardly wait for our garden's to ripen. Meanwhile, I will be content with all the berries my DH can bring me:)

They are and for once my camera did a good job on the red!
I hope you like Nancy's muffins...I am planning to bake some in just a few minutes! Your berries should be coming on in a bit; my DH bought these in the same area as last year (seems they get them earlier than other areas).

Your idea for jam sounds intriguing! Perhaps a post...? I would look forward to that!

Blessings to you all!

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