06 March 2012

Early March Garden

Our garden, despite the surprise of morning snow this month,

is beginning to really take on the appearance of spring!

The primroses I brought home in late February are now happily set in planters on the deck and by some daffodils.

As I have said, the pieries is blooming, as is one of our rhododendrons.

And, shock! I found some blooms on one of our evergreen huckleberries this weekend

(could not get a good photo of them though).

The plum trees have buds, although no color yet.

Our smaller (tete-a-tete) daffodils are all in bloom,

with the Mt Hood's (a white, later blooming one) to follow in time.

All the changes in the garden

plus the fact that we are expecting temps in the 60's later this week,

have me thinking it might be good to plant some cold weather crops...

time to pull out those seeds:)

Anything blooming at your home?

Lenten Blessings,


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