05 October 2011

Sights + Sounds of Washington: Pt 3

Good afternoon from the PNW!

Time to continue our trip ...

This is the National Park Inn at Longmire.

I just LOVE this place as I do all historic lodges, from the Old Faithful Inn
in Yellowstone to the lodge at Crater Lake in Oregon!

(the sun just broke through the clouds here--time out to drink in the blessings of today).

Ok I'm back...

our family has never stayed here, that I remember;

we generally stay in one of the nearby communities.

However we have eaten here in the dining room--and that was a lot of fun!

This time, though, we bought sandwiches in Morton on the way here and nibbled on them:)

This is SO neat! In addition to historic lodges I LOVE historic vehicles!

We once owned a 1949 Plymouth--I hated it at the time;

now I would LOVE to have one!

After Longmire the road climbs more as you head up to Narada Falls and Paradise.

On the right side of your vehicle there is a drop off---

after a bridge you would have heard me say something like...

(I) I don't like this,

I don't remember it being this bad (another word for high with cliffs),

we need to turn around,


I'm sorry!

So at the viewpoint we did--so close to my goal;

but it was not to be for today.

(I) Why don't you take me back to Longmire and I'll stay there while you go see Paradise just like we did in Mosier? I WANT you to see it; I'll be fine at the Inn! You have to see it!

(My friend) No, it's ok.

(I) I just don't understand this...it wasn't like this last time.

(I) Snow walls--that's why!

Last time I was here there were walls of snow...

(I) If it hadn't been for that first road we got on I don't think this would have been an issue


On our way down we stopped to see Christine Falls--

the key word being 'stopped'.

(My friend) He's following us. I'm pulling over.

(Outside) Lights, siren.

(The Officer) Do you know why I pulled you over?

But it all ended well,

with a verbal warning and a (kept) promise that we would NOT stop on the park road anymore!

By the way, we did keep that promise--it seems like Christine Falls is the cause of many park visitors momentarily losing their common sense:)

The photo is of the upper part of the falls;

next time we will hike a bit and get a photo of the whole waterfall!

And NEXT time I will conquer my fear of the road to Paradise and Narada Falls--

with God's help-

just as I did this summer of traveling by a certain mountain reservoir!


Are there any fears you have conquered?

Be blessed,


to be continued....

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