06 October 2011

Note to Visitors

I will be taking a short blogging break in order to devote more time to the last several days of my spiritual retreat and to get some very necessary projects done. I'll be back on Monday with more photos of Washington state, the Oregon zoo and whatever else God brings my way to share with you...Until then I leave you with one of the more popular photos on my blog (by the way it fascinates me what photos bring visitors here and the nations that visitors are from--there is something about seeing the world's different languages that is very exciting!).

For those who are cat lovers--enjoy! For those who are dog lovers--there will be more dog photos later; when you have three dogs there are ALWAYS more photos of woman's (and man's) best friend:)

Be blessed,


Note: this is one of my sibling's 3 cats and as I have said before, my favorite:)


by Teresa said...

Hi Aimee, enjoy your break and hope you show photos when you get home. That is a very cute kitty.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Hey Teresa!
Thanks for your kind comment! We stayed at home rather then taking any more trips, but my DH was able to complete a good portion of a project that I am very, very happy about!
TY for your comment on my sib's kitty--I will pass it on to them (kitty and sib) :)
Be blessed,

Momzoo said...

I hope you had a nice break and found the spirital refreshment you were looking for!

aimee said...

Thanks Aimee--I did:) I just need to learn how to be more consistent in my spiritual life so I can always have that refreshing!

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